Monday, October 5, 2009

I Fought the Law...

How many of you know the song I Fought the Law and the Law Won?
I'll give you a sec to get the tune in your head.........................

Got it? Ok, so sing it with me,

I fought the law and the law won, I fought the law and the law won.

Ok, let's change the words a bit...

I fought the bike and the bike won.

Sing it with the tune yet again.

I fought the bike and the bike, I fought the bike and the bike won...

Went for a bike ride the other day, all the kids and Curt on his bike, and me walking with Thad in his stroller. Anyways, we don't get very far at all (for those of you who knew where we lived in Iowa, take it from the top of our driveway to the end of 58th Street before turning onto Grand, that's how far) Kotah somehow fell. We aren't 100% sure how. Curt was up riding in front, then Kotah, Gavin and Skylar, and of course me bringing up the rear, VERY rear! :O) Curt came riding back to me and we started to say something and we both look up at the same time and see her on the ground!
At first she REFUSED to get back on to ride home, but me being the good parent that I am, forced her back on! :O) Curt took the stroller with Thad and then Gavin and Skylar and went on for a little bit while I took his bike and Kotah back to the house to get her cleaned up.
We get back to the house and I realize I don't have keys to get in, I am like, oh great, seriously! Then I remembered that the kitchen window was open, so I opened the screen and picked Kotah up and up she went in! Thank goodness a cop didn't go by! :O)
So after I took some pics I clean her up! She is fine and back to riding her bike! In fact, the next day, we all went for a bike ride again and we all did fine! We are thinking of investing in football helmets for all the kids instead of the normal bike helmets! Might come in handy!! :o)

Thankfully her teeth are ok as well! These are her permanent ones and we were worried about them, but they seem to be ok! Whew...

Here is what she looks like now... Getting better, but boy do I feel bad when people STARE at her out in public!!! I wanna put a sign on her shirt saying "Yes, I fell off my bike, Yes I was wearing a helmet, STOP STARING!" I am so thankful she isn't self conscious about things like this, yet! It is starting to scab over, so as long as she doesn't pick it, I am thinking it won't scar to bad!

This pic is from Saturday. The accident was Friday.

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A Joyful Chaos said...

Poor little girl. That must have really hurt. Hopefully it will heal really fast.