Friday, September 23, 2011


What a busy crazy day!

Curt left right away this morning around 7 to get his blood taken.  He got back and then Audrey got here.  We played and picked up for a bit then left to go to the Health Department to get our TB test done.  We got there around 10ish and they told us we needed to make an appointment.  So we waited for a bit to make an appointment.  Thankfully they had an opening for today yet.  They only do these tests on Friday, so we really didn't want to have to wait until next Friday if at all possible.  Got an appointment for 1:15 and 1:30.  I was thinking ugh, either no nap and very little nap, but I didn't care!  ;)

Got home, cleaned up a bit more, got the kiddos some lunch, then we turned around and left to go back to the Health Department.  (I did NOT see the water guy! ;))

Got back there, got asked some questions, wanted to know why I need the test...  I said adoption.  They saw all the other 5 kids and asked oh, are those all adopted?  I said no, we are watching one and the other 4 are ours.  We are going hoping to adopt 2 more, a boy and girl.  She was like WOW, totally floored.  Then she said, so you don't work do you?  I said, wellll....  Define "work".  ;) 

She then was asking how long before we cold get them and where we were adopting from.  So I told her China and since we are getting special needs to will be quicker than a healthy child would.

Then she stuck me, said to come back Monday from 11-3 so they could measure the bump if any.

Then Curt goes back and he takes way longer. ;)  He said that the nurse told him that all the ladies who saw me, they came to the conclusion that I was 14 years old!  HAHAHA!!  Fourteen, I've never been told I looked that young!  ;)

He also had gotten a Hep B shot over a year ago before he took one of his Mexico trips.  One of the places he went too, one of the little kids had Hep B, so they all had to get a shot before going...  so he went to the Health Department to get it, and their records showed that he hadn't gotten the 2nd dose 6 months after the 1st one.  So she was trying to figure out if she could give it to him, or if he had to start over.  So she called in another nurse...  Long story short, they got to talking and come to find out this other nurse went on a medical missions trip with one of the ladies that leads the ones at New Life!  So the 1st nurse was talking and saying that it sounded like something she wanted to do!  :)  (gotta get her hooked up, we have her name and know where she works...  ;))

We finally got back home after 2, put all the kids in bed, but no one slept!  Thad feel asleep on the way home, but he didn't stay asleep like he normally does...  So between cleaning and working on the up-keep of my house, I was busy!  Kotah was a wonderful help and helped me with Thad and cleaned the bathroom for me!  :)  It was a busy but productive day!

Got a call about 4:10 saying that we needed to re-schedule for the home-study.  She asked if we could try for Sunday, I said sure, what time?  She said after church, what time do you guys get home from church.  I told her we could be ready by 1:30-2, we get home right before 1, then that gives me enough time to feed the kids and clean up a bit.  She said ok, let's go for 2.  So, we are on for Sunday at 2 now!  Just hoping I can keep the house picked up and decent looking for Sunday!  ;)  I'm in the toddler room on Sunday, so I have to be there a little bit earlier and then by the time we leave, but it's all good!  Not complaining!  :)

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