Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Just keep thinking about this picture I took when we were in China.

Take a good close look.

Do you see it?  It's kinda gradual, but it's there.

One lady is dressed in the "traditional" old Chinese clothing....  Then the middle one is dressed a little bit more "modern", while the last "girl" is wearing short shorts and belly tight shirt.

When we were there we saw all three types of dress.  The younger generation was wearing more "modern" clothing.  It didn't match, and their shoes, holy cannoli, their SHOES!!!!  Never have I seen sooooo many types of DIFFERENT shoes!!  Even the MEN!  ;) Anyways, getting off point here...

And I am not posting this to get an argument on what I define as older, and what "traditional" clothing is.  I really could care less what you wear (but I won't agree with the skimpy clothing, but am NOT judging you!!!!), but my point is on change.  It changes over time.  Lots of things change over time.

Not just our clothing, but our time, we want things faster, and better, and clearer, and our food, same thing.

But what about our time with God.  Has that changed?  Do you now not have time for Him and your devos? What about working out?  Do you find the time for that too?

Since we want things NOW, and we are always in such a hurry, do we really take that time we need to SIT down and FOCUS on HIM?

What is your devotion time look like with Him? Do you do it first thing in the morning?  Or last thing at night?  I don't care when you do it, as long as you do it.  You NEED to find the time, or even schedule time to do your devos.  Not only that, but your work out.  I believe that you can't only just Spiritually feed your body, but you need to physically feed your body.  You do that by working out and watching what you eat.

What is taking up your time?

How often are you on Face Book?  Or watching a football game?  Or going to a football game? Or playing Candy Crush, or whatever the latest game is?  ;) or sitting on the couch watching a movie?

I'm not here pointing fingers at ANYONE!  And before you go saying, well that't not me!  I don't play Candy Crush, or I don't like Football....  I'm to blame just as much as anyone else.  At night after a long day of watching my littles, teaching them something, or so I hope I'm teaching them something, breaking up a fight between one or two or three or all six of them, getting one off the couch before they do a double back flip onto a pile of pillows on the floor, chase them before they run away, stepping on those nasty little tiny Legos, feeding them THREE meals a day, etc etc etc...  I get it, you are tired at the end of the night.  And you are tired when you wake up.  But I can guarantee you if you would set your alarm for even 15 minutes earlier, read some scriptures and even start small with a workout, your day will go so much better!

Start off small, like lunges, or squats, yoga, or my personally fav is the kettle bell. You can do all kinds of AMAZING workouts with just a tiny kettle bell!  And start off with a size (weight) that is good for you!  Anywhere from 5 lbs to 200 lbs!  Just START!  :)

I've been setting my alarm for 5:30-5:45am.  I get up, work out, then I do my devos and spend time in alone quiet prayer with God.  Ok, so some days it's not fully alone, but it's still what I need to start my day!  (My kids aren't supposed to come downstairs until 7am, but sometimes they come down a little sooner.  But they also know they need to leave me alone until I am done with my devos.)  Get a workout on and done, do my devos, pray, do facebook, and move on to making breakfast.  I can't tell you how much better my day goes!  BUT I will tell you if you are just now starting this, Satan will try to bring you DOWN.  He will tell you LIES to keep you in bed until you REALLY need to get up to get your day going!  Don't let him win.  He is a scumbag full of lies.  I have a pair of Red TOMS shoes, and I wrote on the bottom of them this verse: Romans 16:20 The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.
I love that verse! I also LOVE wearing those shoes!  The first time I wore them after writing that verse on the bottom, my feet felt HEAVY.  No joke.  We were also going through adoption process and was hearing all kinds of lies from him, so I wrote that on my shoes, b/c those were the only shoes I wore for the LONGEST time (it was also very warm outside...  ;) )

I want to set an example for my kids. They watch what I do. They watch what I eat. They aren't the only ones who watch me. I want my kids to know that they need God to survive! They need physical training too. They also need a good balanced "diet".  I don't like saying diet b/c it isn't a diet, I guess some say lifestyle. ;) I want them to eat healthy, so they feel good and not full on all that sugary foods and drinks.

Start them young... 

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6 ESV)

Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually! (1 Chronicles 16:11 ESV) 

Ask God to help you. Not just in working out, but with getting your devos done, or even to get through the day, or sometimes the hour.

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. (Ephesians 2:10 ESV) 

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body. (1 Corinthians 6:19, 20 ESV)

How do you start your day?  It is on a solid foundation? Not just physically, but Spiritually as well.

Again, not pointing fingers at anyone b/c I struggle too.  They say it takes 30 days to form a habit, make it a good habit that you form.  Schedule a time to do your devos and your workouts.  

But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace toward me was not in vain. On the contrary, I worked harder than any of them, though it was not I, but the grace of God that is with me. (1 Corinthians 15:10 ESV) 

Monday, December 9, 2013


(wrote this back in August... and left it...)

We are having mower issues...  As in, can't get the riding one to work.  It's been one part after another.  ;)

But have an awesome friend who won't give up and helping, well, let me re-phrase.  He's doing all the work, we just buy the part and stand out of his way!  :)

Anywho...  Mowing today, earplugs in my ear, drowning out noises...  Always do alot of thinking when I'm mowing, since I have to walk, it takes longer, which is TOTALLY ok!  SO not complaining here!  SUPER thankful I have legs to walk and be able to mow!

Just thinking and thanking God for slowing me down enough to mow.  Yes, I'm thanking Him for mowing.  It seems like life has just taken off.  No slowing down.  Even when we were on "vacation" I felt like we were going going going...  Again, NOT complaining b/c I was so grateful to be able to see friends and family!  But we got home, and bam, right back into our crazy life of appointments, getting this and that done and Curt's schedule just went crazy insane!  It never ends does it?  :)

So back to slowing down.  When was the last time you just sat?  Sat and prayed? Sat and thanked God for all He has blessed you with? Sat on your front porch, clearing your mind and not worrying about the laundry, what is for dinner, what work things you need to get done.

Everything now and days is fast.  Faster phone, faster computers, faster service for oil changes, fast food restaurants, frozen food/pre made food...  I could go on.

Now hang on, I do every now and then buy that frozen pre made stuff, but I much rather prefer to make something, so I'm NOT judging.  I'm just letting my brain go.  :)

I went and bought Taco Bell about a month or so ago.  Sitting in the drive-through lane thinking and watching the clock, starting to get annoyed that it was taking so long.  Um, wait a minute.  Did I seriously just complain that my food wasn't ready at this restaurant in less than 5 minutes?

Really.  Come on.  I don't want my life to be a blur.  I don't want to take things for granted. Seems like life in general is just more busy.  What happened?  We drive faster cars.  We buy things to make our life easier.

Which is ok, to an extent.  Just make sure you are taking the time you need and SLOW DOWN.

I have 6 kids, 2 whom need appointments quite often and one that has needed more care than I was hoping for.  BUT my God is AWESOME and has blessed us beyond measure!

Make sure you sit back and enjoy what God has blessed you with!  No matter what you are going through!  Find the joy and cherish it and treasure it!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Over a Year Now...

Wowzers!!  So much has happened since last blogging, I'm so behind!!!

Right after the last one back in July, I ended up taking Ella to see Dr Reilly...  He told me to go home, pack some bags and bring her back to be emitted... Long story, she got MRSA in that ear and needed to have surgery to clean the area and wash it out, praying that would solve the prob....

Dakotah's birthday, August, 21st, I had to take her back in.  They both had a hearing appointment and after showing audiologist, and making calls to assisting doc's, they said you need to bring her in TONIGHT. Exactly what I wanted to do on my daughters birthday!  :\ So, ate some cake, opened her presents and off I took Ella, back in.  Dr Reilly wasn't even in state until the following week...  :\  They gave her the antibiotics, and said they didn't want to remove the device until Dr Reilly came back in town, which means they wanted me to stay in the hospital that long...  I begged them to let us out by Saturday b/c I didn't want to stay there until Monday when Dr Reilly came back.  They let us go with the antibiotics at home, along with another strong drug.  A few days after Dr Reilly came back, we had surgery to remove her CI.  This is now her 5th surgery...  :(  She was such a trooper and did GREAT!!!!

I told everyone that would listen our story!  :)  From adoption to all the visits, etc...

Through it all, it was tough, but God is good. He is just so awesome and just and fair!  Yes, it was hard seeing my daughter go through all that, but I know that good can and will come out of it!  I just pray she one day understands that, or completely forgets it all....  God used us by telling others just how AWESOME He is, even when things don't seem so fair, or right.  I knew that God was with me the whole time, it's by His grace and strength that I made it through all that! I still praised Him through it all!

Fast forward a month and it's been ONE YEAR since we've been home with XJ and Ella!

Yes, it has been awesome and great, but it has been hard too!  Yes, God has blessed us so much!  But it doesn't mean there aren't hard times!  There has been laughter, tears, struggles, joys, growth, improvement and sadness.  Raising 6 kids is tough, but it is rewarding and I do thank God everyday that He trusts me enough to raise them!  That He trusts me enough to loan them to me to raise, to become God-fearing Men and Women.

They have all adjusted very well! But there are days...  Ella had reverted back for a good 2 months, where she refused to listen and would get that look in her eyes that she did when we were in China with her.  She started biting her toes and toe nails again, gross, I know...  ;) I know some people would say it's her age, but I won't agree with you on that one.  Adopt a child and then we can talk.  I mean no disrespect by that comment.  Yes some it has to do with age, but I also know how she was and how she can be when she doesn't want to listen, just be very defiant.  ;)  She is doing much better again.

Finally got all the kids in for annual check ups and eye doc appointments too...  Kotah is now wearing glasses, some of the time, and Thad got a new pair, but his are all the time...  Praying these new specs do the trick or we may have to talk surgery for his eye.  But placing that all in Gods hands!  XJ also needs glasses!  I'm pretty excited for him to get them and to see how much it helps him!  Just in walking even!  :)  Poor guy wasn't seeing very well, and I thought that was the case, but got caught up in all the hearing appointments, that that got pushed aside...  And I REFUSED to go back to LensCrafters!  Finally found an AWESOME doc, and she did GREAT with Ella and XJ!  I really didn't want to have to take them up to Children's for their eyes too, already taking Thad up there..  ;)

Homeschooling is going good.  We got gifted a desk top which has been a HUGE blessing since the older 2 do their work on the computer, it's an online curriculum. Will also get Skylar on there really soon too!  :) XJ, Ella and Thad are doing great at what I'm giving them to do!  XJ just needs lots of repetition. But he is learning and doing good!  :)

God is so good!  He has blessed us in so many ways!  Can't wait to see what else He has in store for our family!  I know He isn't done b/c we are all still breathing!  ;)  It may not make sense what His plans are, but I'm excited to do whatever He asks of me and my family!  I am Yours God, USE me!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hearing Update!!!

Been a while...  sorry...  Life has just been super crazy...  not something I wanted, but it's my life right now, and I'm ok with that.  :)

Hearing appointments and speech have taken over our lives the last few weeks, and I guess month!

Ella had her left side re-done on 5-31.  She got activated on that side 7-2.  Things are going GREAT!  She did have some stitches that were sticking out, and emailed doc about them, and took her in last week and he snipped them...  Then I emailed him Sunday (3:30pm) about a spot that was about the size of a nickel, a bit bigger, but was big, pink and squishy.  I know, kinda gross, sorry.  ;)  He CALLED me that evening around 5:30, on a SUNDAY to talk to me about it, called in an antibiotic and said to bring her in Wednesday so he can look at it.  It's gone down a bit, but still there...

I joked with Curt saying that recovery and activation has been sooooo much BETTER this time around, something had to happen right?  :)

We have all our bills now from insurance from the surgery.  For the 3 implants, and hospital, rooms, etc, the total was over $335,000.00.  Yes, you read that right.  Go ahead, pick your jaw up, I'll wait.  ;) 

Yes, it's insane how much it all costs.  But we knew God would help and we knew that He was telling us to go ahead with the surgery. (this is NOT including Ellas re-surgery) We are still getting co pays and all from hearing check ups and then speech therapy...  But we only had to pay just over $6,000!  We got XJ's bills pretty quick, and was still waiting on Ellas, and it finally just went through!  Can't believe how awesome our insurance is right now!  I also know that God played a big part in this for taking care of us!  We are still tight b/c of some bills, but just can NOT believe we've only had to pay that much!  God is so good!  ALLL the time!!!  :)

Now, about Ellas second surgery.  Went into it by Dr Reilly saying he wasn't going to charge us.  But we figured the recovery room and all we would pay for.  We knew that he wasn't charging for his surgery, and he was pretty sure the processor would be covered b/c he had to get a new one for her.

When I took her in for her one week post - op check up, he told me, if you get ANY bill from that day, PLEASE let me know!  I said ok.

Well we got a few, we had already paid (Cheap ones...), and then we got one for the processor.  I sent it to him and he wrote back right away saying he would bring it to billings attention.

He told me when I took her in for the snipped stitches that he didn't want us to have to pay for anything from that surgery.  He said if it was his kid, he wouldn't want to pay for a mistake the doc made, and it was a crazy one b/c it just doesn't happen!  (the thin wire missed cochlea and went over her nerve that keeps her balance, and so when we went to get it activated, she went into a seizure like mode...)  He also told me that since that happened he will NOT use the processors with the thin wire, he doesn't want that mistake again.

I think he FINALLY gets it that we are NOT upset or mad at him for what happened!  He didn't know this would happen and he was already being cautious! Like I said before, I know God had a plan, and He provided for us. :)

I HIGHLY recommend Dr Reilly at the DC Childrens, ENT.  He has been FANTASTIC!!! 

When I sent him the email about Ella and the pic of her ear on Sunday, he basically told me (not being mean), but that I should've just texted him the pic and called him. But it was Sunday, and i wasn't going to do that!  Family time, but he took the time and called in antibiotic so we could start it right away.  He has shown soooo much concern for us, and I truly appreciate it and all he has done!

Taking her tomorrow to have the spot checked, then another hearing appointment, which is called mapping, next week.  She will have that side turned up one more time, and then they will both be at about where they will be.  XJ is pretty much staying the same volume as well...  Then they have another speech therapy next week. :)

Last week I was wondering how I was going to home school XJ.  Could I really do it?  just feeling down and discouraged... But after watching her work with him and getting a few ideas on how to teach him, I am encouraged and ready!  Keep REPEATING is KEY!!!  :)  I bought a few cheap books at the Target and Dollar Store to start working with him. I've never had to teach a child who is deaf and a little bit of a slow learner, but I can do this b/c God will equip me and give me what I need when I need it. I know without a doubt that God has called these 2 into our family and am super blessed to be their mom, forever!

I always said I didn't want to have to be going here and there and in the car alot, but God is teaching me some things on that!  :)  We've all spent alot of time in the car going here and there for their appointments, but I know this is a season, and things will slow down. 

BAHAHA, who am I kidding?  Cecil house slow down?  Ok, fine, maybe in my dreams!  ;)

Monday, July 1, 2013

How Are You Affecting Those Around You?

Ok, too tied to think if its effecting or affecting... And yes, frankly too lazy to look it up! ;)

Today we went to church, and then had to go get some paint to paint a "new" room for Gavin as a surprise for him when he gets home!!! :) My mom is out here for the week and she said ok, where do you want to go to eat? Thad and Skylar shout out Chick-fil-A!!! We said they are closed, it's Sunday remember? To which they replied oh yeah.

So mom was asking what else there is??? Then she said oh do you have a Panera? So I drove to the LaPlata one bc it's nicer and smaller and not as busy... We had thought about running to JoAnn Fabrics to get something but decided we didn't need to go out there yet, so all the more reason to stay in LaPlata! ;)

Trying to ask the kids what they want while 3 of them have to "pee REALLY bad!!!" So trying to get them to decide was  impossible... Finally got it and I took the 3 to the bathroom. As soon as I entered I heard a screaming/crying very unhappy baby...  I got one in and then waited for the mom and baby to exit stale so another could go in. My kids were being patient too.. Thankfully... ;)

She exited and saw me standing with my two waiting and kept saying I'm so sorry. I said its fine, no worries at all! 

She said a few other things and kept apologizing to which I said its no big deal. Trying to smile the whole time bc she's clearly upset, well maybe upset isn't the right word? Frazzled?

She was at the sink and I had one out standing with me and she said apologizing again and I said its ok! I have 6 kids, I'm a mom, I've had a newborn before, I know what it's like. She looked at me and said you have 6? She then looked at Ella and XJ and asked of they were mine to which I relied yes ma'am, we adopted them from China.

Let me just say that as soon as she walked out of the stale with this crying baby I knew I needed to talk to her.

I saw a rosary with a crucifix on it on her wrist. She then said she had 5 of her own and the one screaming baby boy was a foster child. They wanted to adopt but a few reasons didn't allow them too so they thought ok, foster to adopt. They felt this was Gods plan for them. 

I asked her what her name was, she told me. I said Carolyn, I'm praying for you. I'll be praying you have a blessed day.

She walked out and then came back in with a bottle she needed to clean and refill... She said oh, I'm in your way again, I said no you aren't. Take your time and get your son his bottle, we are fine.

She walked out then and I felt this tap on my shoulder... I said yes God? He said you have some cash, buy this family a gift card. I said uh, ok.

So I met my mom and Skylar and we found a place in the back to eat and I noticed this lady her foster son and daughter were sitting back there.

We got our food and started eating after we prayed... I felt her watching me and could see it from the corner of my eye but wasn't bothered by it.

I stood up to go buy the gift card so incase she left before us I could give it to her...

After a while her daughter came over and said excuse me miss? My mom was wondering if after you are done with your lunch if you could come talk to her?  I said sure, give me a minute. So I finished my sandwich and walked over to her table and sat down.

I laid the gift card on the table and she looked up at me and stated to say you don't, to which I raised my hand and said, don't. I know I didn't need to but felt called to, it's not much, but it should either get your whole family a free meal or super cheap. ;) I figured in my head how much ours was and added some extra bc we were missing some in our family! ;) I said if you are like my family you don't get to eat out much bc it's expensive! She shook her head yes and then said thank you.

Then she sat there and said what I have to say is so hard and I don't think I can say what I need to without crying. I, sitting there like uh oh, what did I do?! ;)

Then she said I've been trying to explain to my daughter a little about you and watching your family. You have a beautiful family. I just wanted you to know that you saved this lil boys life. I just looked at her like what?

She then said she had planned on going home right after lunch and emailing the social worker and telling them they needed to come get this lil boy, but after talking to me briefly in the bathroom, watching me with my kids, watching me sign to them and with them, she knew that she couldn't do that. She realized that these thoughts aren't her. She doesn't think like that. She doesn't care what defects a child has. She was thinking she can't handle his crying, she told me in bathroom that's all he does. Cries. She said something but I didn't hear it, but he is deaf in one ear and then his foot started shaking, she said see,? I don't know everything wrong with him and was thinking if they do allow him to be adopted by us would I want him before I know everything that's wrongs with him?

She doesn't know what the future holds for him, but she does know now that bc of seeing me and talking to me that she will keep him and pray for the next step instead of just doing it without asking God what His plan is.

I'm not writing this to say oh look what I did. I just wanted to share and felt led to share this. I was blown away by it all. I actually didn't have as much money as I thought and so I asked mom for a few bucks and would pay her when I got home bc I knew I had some cash at home. She looked at me and said sure.. I said feeling led to buy her a gift card I'll explain in the car... So she gave me a few extra bucks. :) (thanks momma) Then after I was done talking to her I went over to my family and I ate my few bites of soup. It was hard to eat bc I was processing it all, or trying to.

People tell you you may have impacted their life, or want to follow your example or your lead, but I've never EVER had someone tell me that I saved their sons life by that little bit of conversation in bathroom and my actions and love towards my kids.

Just bc a child has a disability doesn't mean you can't love them, teach them or raise them. Infact they teach you, they love you! 

I got in the van and just told mom everything that happened and was pretty much in tears. My mom was just about in tears.

All of this to say, are you living a life that is a good example to others? That they truly see the love of Jesus shining through you, so much that they notice it?

Now I've got days, days where Jesus' light doesn't shine through much bc of the way my day has gone or is going. I'm not perfect and I don't want to be. 

I didn't feel at peace about going on the missions trip. I felt bad bc the kids wanted me to go, but when I said I prayed and just didn't feel that God was calling me to go this time, they both said oh, ok!! Maybe next year :)

I know why. God had a plan and I needed I be home. 

Just think about your actions and words. They really do have more power than you may think they do.

Friday, June 7, 2013

How Much Is Too Much???

I've been trying to go through and clean the whole house. Not just clean, but purge of things. Buuuut with 6 kids and then two of them having surgery, weekly check ups, then another surgery to fix it.... I haven't  gotten very far... ;)

But today as I was cleaning I kept looking at the two rooms I was trying to make a pathway through, yet again. I was thinking, how much of this do we really need? I was cleaning up the Legos, then the school room and office. It is a mess in there. So not going to lie. Legos had gotten everywhere, some of the kids get in them, and don't put them away while other kids walk right by it and not bother to pick it up. Then the games, Oy... I've been through the games but wondering if I need to go through them again? 

My thoughts all day today: how much is too much? How much can I get rid of but yet still be comfy? I'm gonna be honest, part of me has a hard time parting with things bc of a memory I have with it. I know crazy, but still.

My other thing is clothes, I've gotten rid of a lot of clothes and still need to finish my hanging clothes but haven't been able to get to them yet... I won't say that there is a dresser right in the middle of that closet.... ;) I don't want to be wearing the same thing over and over, but lets face it, we all have that go shirt or pants or sweat shirt. Right? Or am I only the one that does that? :) I've gotten quite a bit of hand me downs, but realized I'm not wearing them all. It's amazing what a scarf and jewelry can do to make it look different! :) I'm not sure how many shirts I had before I started purging my clothes, but so far I have a heaping laundry basket full of clothes to get rid of. I have enough. I prob could go through them and even get rid of a bit more. Maybe I'll do it again next spring? 

I'm trying to get things done so I can do that yard sale! I haven't given up on getting one done! :) I've got a few pieces of furniture that we don't need anymore! One for sure is a twin size chair that pulls out into a bed. It's taking up space. We don't use it except to hold blankets... Which is another thing I need to go through.

My house isn't huge, but it isn't small. But with a family of 8, it can feel small and tight in certain rooms bc of what we have.

Thinking of what I can get rid of and still be comfy.  How comfy do I want to be?  Are there any things you can get rid of and still be comfy?  How comfy do you want to be? 

My dishwasher broke a few days ago, so we've been washing dishes. So for complaining! I'm so thankful for a roof over my head and bed to sleep in! Our mower broke yet again. I'm not sure what it is with mowers and us?!!?? :) but that's life, thins are going to break and things are going to happen! But it's how to deal with those circumstances... Are you going to pout and throw yourself a pity party, or are you going to thank God for what you have?

I thank God I have a sink to wash those dishes (and kids to help me! :)), I thank God that I have a husband that can now fix our mower, thanks to a friend who helped him! I thank God that if we can't fix something I know there is someone in my church family that will help us! :)

So the next time something doesn't go the way "you" want it too, how are you gong to react? Yes it isn't always easy to start singing praises and thank God for what you have, but I challenge you to sing and thank God the next time something breaks, you feel overwhelmed, or things just don't go the way you thought they should! Maybe we are all in the fast lane and God is trying to get our attention? Maybe we need to move back into that slow lane. Maybe we need to sit still and do nothing and just listen to Hm.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Activation Day!!!

Wow, super late...  But better late than never right?  ;)

Both Ella and XJ got activated May 20, 2013...  Exactly 8 months since they've been home!  So happy home 8 months day and activation day!  :D

Got up there and found out that both of Ella's CI's processors came in, but XJ's didn't.  So I was going to have a loaner for XJ for a week until we went back up to get them mapped...  (mapped = turn volume up on remote which makes their CI's louder) 

This is going to be long, and feel free to skip certain videos, but I'm posting all videos we took that day.  :)

Here's how the day went...

Here Patricia is testing her electroids and finding out which one she hears, once she hears the sound, she is to drop the block in the bucket...

Here she turned on the left side, and quickly realized that something wasn't right...  You can't fully see her eyes in this video, but you can hear Patricia saying she is prob getting dizzy...  That's not normal. That shouldn't happen.

Here you can hear what's going on...  But still not right...

Here we are doing the left side now.  Towards the end she make faces b/c it's too loud, or she doesn't like the sound.  She's also getting antsy and tired... ;)

Here is the one you will def want to watch!  Time to turn it on so she can hear us!!!  :D

Here's two with XJ dropping blocks in the bucket!  :)

Here's the one you def watch to with XJ!  It's turned on and he can hear us!!!  :D (he just doesn't respond to me...  ;)) Starting at 3:25, be prepared to laugh or cry...  ;) It's the best part!!  :D

And just some observation...  ;)

Last one...  Ella with her eyes...  Not nearly as bad as it was the first time she turned her on, but she also turned it down some...

So that is what is NOT supposed to happen!  She called Dr Reilly before we left and he wanted to do a CT scan that week. 

We left there and went on home!  The kids did GREAT!  They each have a remote that has 4 programs and each program goes to volume 10.  They said they wanted them to hopefully by atleast to 3.10 by the time we went back next week...  Well, XJ was at 4.10 by the next day (Tuesday) and Ella was at 4.10 on Wednesday.

Wednesday I finally called about CT scan, b/c doc said it would be yet this week, and should hear no later than Tuesday, and be in Wed, Thurs for the scan...  After some emails and personal phone calls from Dr Reilly, we went in that Friday to have scan and it was read by the doc right afterwards.

It was as we had thought, she needed to have surgery again to fix the prob.  The electroid didn't go into the cochela, it went partway in and then went flip up to her vestibular nerve.  English terms: it means it hit the nerve which causes you to not be dizzy, stand and not fall over, etc...  He used a different thickness wire for this implant.  The other side had a thicker wire...  So the plan was to have it re-done as soon as we were comfortable with it.

I called Curt on the way home and told him what was happening and then he said well, it needs done, let's do it asap.  Dr Reilly told me he could do it the next Friday...  So I sent him email and said ok, let's do it.

So we got on the books and got it done Friday (the 31st)

Curt stayed home with the kids and I went with Ella, bright and early Friday morning!  I was praying that she wouldn't be nervous knowing and remembering the last time...

Dr Reilly told me was going to do X-rays before and after just to make sure it entered the cochlea all the way!  I also found out that was a trip trying to do X-rays while she was still open and then not knowing if it was the left or the right side they were looking at!  :)  But they got it and it's all done!

Ella's recovery this time was SOOOOOO much better!!!!  She was up to pee about an hour after waking, which is COMPLETELY different than last!  She WALKED back to her bed after going to the bathroom, she ate 3 popsicles, 2 apple juice AND had dinner that night!  Then she ate MY chips for a snack! :)

 She slept through most of the night, I think she kinda woke up, but she went back to sleep...  They did move us at 10...  I was just drifting off to sleep and I hear this hello momma, I'm so sorry, but we need to move you closer to nurses station.  There were only 4 patients besides us, and they wanted us all closer to station, and we were the only ones by exit door.  So guess where they put us?  Same room we had the first time!  ;)  Thankfully Ella went right back to sleep...  They just moved her bed, but the motion woke up, but like I said, she went right back to sleep!  I was close to follow then!  ;)

Woke up at 5, and she was asking for a popsicle at 6:30! IN THE MORNING!!!  :)

Doc came in around 9ish to change the ear covering, and then we were OUTTA there!  :)

The doc who came in to change ear covering remembered us!  Also, we had a few of the same nurses who remembered us!  One walked by us after she got up the first time and said, hey!  Wait!  Why are you back?  Then proceeded to ask about her brother and how the rest of the family was doing!!!  :)

The first nurse we had was seriously an answer to prayer!  She was absolutely FANTASTIC! She made it so much nicer!!!  Less than an hour went by after I talked to her a bit...  She said she was a Christian and felt called to adopt!  She is pregnant with their first, but adoption is DEF on their hearts!  :)   She asked about our story and so later on I got to tell her!  In a nutshell version!  :)  I was texting Curt about her and he said the same thing I was thinking, "God moment". 

I'm sad that I had to put Ella through the surgery again. I'm sad that it didn't work out the first time, BUT I'm NOT sad about Katie and being able to meet her, tell her my story, for her to meet Ella, tell her I'm praying for her.  This whole last week-end was so def planned by God!  It couldn't have gone any smoother! :)

I ran into to Target to get her antibiotic filled and they told me the wait would be an hour.  I was like oh, ok.  I'll just walk around.  I texted Curt and said hey it's going to be an hour, should I just come home?  Then I walked around for a bit after deciding to stay, b/c I didn't want to have to go back out...  I get a text from the pharmacy saying it was done, after 15 minutes!  I walk over to counter and the pharmacist was checking me out, I looked at her and said, did you fill that sooner?  She just looked at me and smiled.  When I went up to pay the person behind me dropping off their script, the pharmacist said it would be an hour and fifteen minutes.  So I knew something was up!  ;)

Just as I was paying Curt texted and asked if I wanted to meet at Chick-fil-A for lunch.  It is a rare treat to eat out for us!  :)  But I was tired and figured it would be a nice treat for everyone, so I said ok.  I bet him there and walked in and there was an older gentlemen and his wife.  he was making over Ella and smiling and waving at her.  Picture Ella with the big ear muff on one side, and a bandaide on the other hand from the IV...  Then walks in the rest of the gang and he's doing the same to all of them as well.  We finally get up to order and I see him standing next to Curt, but didn't think about it, my brain is still tired...  ;)  Curt thought he was trying to cut in to get a re-fill!  Haha!  :)  But he said, excuse me, put it all on this card.  Curt said what?  You don't have to do that!  The guy responds with, hey, it's not my money, it's His and when He tells me to do something, I BETTER do it!  :) I look at Curt trying to process what just happened!  I took kids and we sat down while Curt and Gavin waited for the food.  They brought it over and I told the kids we need to go thank that guy and his wife, he just paid for our lunch!  Kotah and Gavin said WHAT??  He did what?  So we walked over and the kids all said Thank you and I'm teary eyed thanking him and his wife for what he did!  I said it's been a week-end, my daughter had to have her ear re-done b/c the cochlear implant didn't take the first time, I'm just getting home with being gone for just over 24 hours... he just looked at me and said, no, thank you for blessing us!  Your family is so sweet and it's so neat to see you all just walk in.  His wife just sat there and smiled and shook her head agreeing.  We talked a bit, and then walked back over to eat out lunch.

So you see, things don't always go the way we want them too.  Yes, I was bummed it didn't take.  But I KNEW without a doubt that God had a plan!  Sometimes it hurts, sometimes we experience pain, and it may not be us that experiences it, sometimes it's our kids that have to go through that pain.  But I hope and pray that my kids understand the same thing I do, that it doesn't matter what happens, as long as He gets all the glory and praise!  My God is an awesome God!  I thank Him for blessing us this week-end the way He did!  Unbelievable!  Really, it couldn't have turned out any better!  :D