Thursday, March 31, 2011


Wow, this has seriously been an eventful week! Starting off with the whole fabric softener mis-hap, which you can read on here if you didn't see or hear about it! Then Curt left Monday nite, Tuesday, well, it was ok, we had mom's group and the kids were acting up a bit, but nothing too bad... Then Wednesday I had a meeting at the church...

It started out ok, the meeting wasn't long at all! Gavin came into the room and said he wanted to go play outside on the playground. I told him no, because I couldn't see him. I said, what if someone came by and picked you up and grabbed you and took you somewhere? Mommy would never see you again and I would be soooo sad! I said, I can't see you, so you need to stay inside.

Well, not more than 3 minutes passed and Kotah comes up to me and says, uh, mom, Gavin is trying to go outside. So, I get up, go over to him and talk. I asked him what is he doing? he says, I WANT to play OUTSIDE! I said, bubby, I can't see you, so you can't! I am sorry! He replies with, well, daddy did the last time. I come back with, well, daddy went outside with you to watch you, didn't he? he just shook his head. So, I go back into the meeting...

I am not sure what all happened other than not behaving kids after the meeting and the parking lot... I had some crackers in the car I was going to give them for the ride home, I was also going to run into BJ's to see if they had the combo pack of Tangled that I wanted. Well, we got to the van and I said, well, we aren't going to church tonite guys, I am so tired. I then told them we weren't going to BJ's to get Tangled AND no crackers.

Oh my good-ness! YOu would have thought I pinched them with the responses I got back from the OLDER 2! They both kicked they feet and screamed and cried. I was like, whoa, what's going on here guys? I said, you need to sit up and behave, a cop could pull us over and we all would get in trouble! So about 5 minutes from the house, they were quiet. In that time, Thad laughed at his bubby and sissy at one point and Skylar was a PERFECT angel! Not ONE peep out of her mouth! Nice how when someone else is in trouble she's the perfect angel, but when they are being good, she's, well, not so nice anymore! ;)

So, we get home, I say, you all are laying down for a nap. Gavin goes to his room b/c Thad feel asleep on the way home, so I just put him on the couch, Skylar goes to her room and Kotah lays down in the guest/school room. As I lay them down upstairs I notice 3 suitcases, but don't really think anything of it, b/c they like to pack books and play store, etc...

After nap, the fun begins! I was ironing Curt's clothes and giving Kotah her spelling test.. I am not sure why, but I went upstairs and Kotah follows me... I see that Gavin nd Skylar are talking, and they have their bags. I am like where are you going? They say they are running away. I was said, ok. Where? Well, I don't know. Where are you going to sleep, and eat? They replied a hotel and a restaurant. I said, sorry to bust your bubble, but you don't have enough money to even eat at a restaurant. Then they look at Kotah and say, ok we are ready. I whip my head around and asked her what are they talking about? Well, I was gonna run away, but... I said, oh really...

Well, she changed her mind again, all 3 of my kiddos went downstairs with a suitcase and were getting their coats and shoes. At this point outside it was starting to sprinkle, and it was a bit chilly. They walk out the door with Thad yelling, BYE BYE!!!

So they are standing int he middle of the driveway for the LONGEST time. I am in the dining room watching them in between the blinds. I see Kotah start coming back inside, so I act as if I wasn't watching her. I ask her what's going on? She replies with, I am coming back. I said, oh, really, why? I am embarrassed. Me: Oh really... Her: the mailman drove by and honked and yelled hi, I was embarrassed that he saw my with my suitcase. I said, you are embarrassed, how do you think I feel? I said, honey, why would you want to run away when you have a HOME and a mommy and a daddy who LOVE you!!! So that was her kicker, that hit her and hard.

But then when Gavin and Skylar started walking a bit further down the driveway, Kotah started flipping out! I texted Curt and told him what they were doing. He called me adn said, do what you think is right, you are there.

So, I was planning on letting them hit the end of our driveway and I was going to go get them. Well, before I could get my shoes on, I see a white truck pull up by our neighbors driveway. I grab my shoes and run out b/c I have no idea what's is gonna happen, but before I could even get out there, he's talking to them and asking them where they are going. I guess Gavin said they were running away before I could get out there. Then another car pulled over she said she passed our driveway and turned around b/c she saw them in the MIDDLE of our driveway and wanted to watch them.

After a few minutes, I got them back inside and told them to go upstairs and un-pack and then we were going to have a talk. Gavin came back downstairs and I set him on the kitchen chair. Ask him why he wanted to run away? Gavin: Because you wouldn't let me GO TO CHURCH! At this point his is mad and every other word he has to yell, I guess he thinks that will get my attention, I dunno? So I calmly tell him: That is no reason to run away bubby. What if someone pulled over and grabbed you, I would never see you again! That would make me cry! I would be sooo sad! I give him more right act info too... ;) But I calmly told him.

So I turn back to my counter and am like what in the world am I going to fix for supper? I start to grab my bread to see how much I have in there for pb and j when I hear the door bell. I can tell you that my heart stopped... I noticed the white truck stopping by our mail box to most likely get our address, then he pulled upa bit and was just staring at the house.

I walk around and see this nice white car with lights on top, they weren't flashing, but still.

I answer the door, he says, evening ma'am. How are you? I said, I am great, how are you? (you should hear the way I said it...) he said, well, I'm ok, but do you know why I am here? I am like yes. He asked to come in, so in he comes. We talk for a few minutes, I gave him the story. Then before I could say why he wanted to run away, Gavin peeps around the corner, sees the cop and starts to walk away, I said, Gavin, come here, he wants to talk to you. So, Gavin is just standing there completely freaked out. I then tell the one cop, I just talked to him and he said he wanted to run away b/c I didn't let them go to church. If you could see the look on the cop's face. I said, my husband has been out of town since Monday, and I am tired. I don't feel like going tonite. The cop was like, well, you have every right to feel tired.

So then he starts talking to Gavin and I see another cop pull up, I am like oh my, seriously! Then the cop said, oh, I forgot to call him off. So in he walks. The first cop tells him, yeah, it's ok, it's not the mom, it's all the kids. The kids wanted to run away b/c mom said no to going to church for tonite. The second cop seriously had to turn his head away b/c he was laughing, he contained himself pretty quickly. BUT I can guarantee you, this is prob the 1st run-away case they had b/c mom wouldn't let them go to church! SERIOUSLY? (they were probably laughing their heads off too and telling everyone what happened! ;))

So, the cops were talking to them, basically saying everything I did. A few times I could see where the questions were going, so I kept my eyes on the cop and didn't even look at Gavin and Skylar. (I had to go hunt down Skylar, she did NOT want to talk to a cop...) But one time he asked, do love your mommy and daddy? They said yes. Mommy and daddy would never do anything to hurt you, right? They said no. The cop said, ok then, well, these people that are driving by that saw you and called us thought that your mommy was mean mommy and hurting you. Would mommy do that? They said no. (At that point, I kept my eyes on the cop, I could see where this was going and didn't want them to think that if I looked at them, that I was prompting them to say the right thing...)

So, after seriously 10-15 minutes of them being here, they left. Gavin and Skylar just stood where they were as I walked them to the door. They were scared beyond belief!

I told them, I am so sorry. The cops were like, don't worry about it. He said try to relax tonite if you can, I said, well, with 4 little ones, and my hubs coming late tonite, I doubt it, but thanks. They both stopped in their tracks and were like, um, ma'am, how old are you? I am 29. Both of them said wow, we thought you were 20. So then they said, seriously, it's no big deal. But if they ever try to do it again, call us, and we will come talk to them. I said, ok, thanks, have a good nite.

They left, I look at them. Their eyeballs are huge! Gavins lip started to quiver a few times when the cop was talking to them.

BUT then at the supper table I was starting to make the pb and j's, he started to say something about church. I said, Gavin, seriously. Did you hear, did you HEAR what the cop said? Then something clicked and I saw it cross his face and he was GREAT the rest of the nite!

I seriously lost it! I was a WRECK!!!

Curt called after I sent a text that 2 cops just left. He was with Gary and he and Gary were laughing. I was like, i am glad you can laugh at this. I was mad, pissed, scared, and sad....

Like I said, I can kinda laugh at it now, but just talking about it to my mom last nite.... I kept thinking, did I do the right thing? I wasn't going to let them go any further than our neighbors driveway, I was watching them the WHOLE time. Ugh, there seriously is never a dull moment in this house!

I think Curt might be afraid to leave again... ;) Something always seems to happen, but this so far is by worse the worst thing.

I'm pretty sure though with the cops coming over to talk that they got scared. Now, if could my pulse back to it normal, I will be good! ;)


Shannon said...

You did the right thing. This is one for the memory books that you will NEVER let them forget! LOL! Big hugs to you, you're a great Mom and they just don't know, yet, how blessed they are to have you. Just think, you gave the bored police officers something to laugh about and ponder...maybe they are missing something, too, by not going to church?! This is really a possible WIN/WIN situation! This is the stuff God chooses to use! Love you!

Angela @ The Sustala (7-1=) Six said...

You did great! You are an amazing mom! Praise God He gave you wisdom and protected those little stinkers! I'm so sorry you had to deal with all that, especially with Curt gone. Praying for you, my friend!

Cindy Stokes said...

Scott and I are laughing so hard at this story since he ran away when he was little. Like you, his mother let him go while she watched to make sure he was safe. As he recalls, he was running away to his grandparents house! LOL. Of course, he can't remember "Why?". You did the right thing, and your children most definitely learned a LOT from the experience.