Saturday, December 17, 2016

Miscarried Joy

I signed up to receive books for free, and in return, blog about them...  Whether good or bad!  :) And this is one of those books!

I saw the title of this one, and knew I had to check it out!  After having 2 miscarriages, and no one seems to talk about it.  Or more like, you don't hear about it until you have one.  Why is this not talked about?

This book was a good read.  Hard at times because I have been through it and felt a lot of what Tanika had gone through.  Now, I hadn't gone through everything she did, but still.

It was a comfort to read and know that all the emotions and thoughts, and even angry is ok.  My first one I lost was 13 years ago.  I was very mad at God, and I questioned Him.  The second one, still, very hard to go through because it was completely different than my first (long story, and if any one wants to know it, I'll share it.... I ended up in ER losing my baby naturally.... Had a D&C for my first one... and actually still needed one after my second...  again, long story!) but I knew that God had me and had everything in control.

This book brought me to tears and even laughter.  It is a must read for anyone that has gone through a miscarriage.  I love the fact that she put scripture all throughout the book! How she talks about that God is still there!

Here are some quotes from Tanika that I really liked:

The blessings that come without challenges sometimes aren't appreciated as much as those that arrive after a struggle.

(wow.  Talk about a blow.  But a good one!  I feel like applies to life in general, not just after misacrage)

God doesn't work according to our time. He works according to when we are ready to receive the blessing that He has stored up for us.

If you allow God to privately develop you, He will publicly bless you.

Our brokenness has a tendency to prevent us from seeing what God is building is our lives.

These really hit home.  Now I have had a baby since my last miscarriage, but truly enjoyed and was able to grieve more over my babies that are in heaven right now. I will also be sharing this with my friends that I know have gone through this recently and in the past.  I feel that this book will really help them.  We aren't alone and I feel more ladies need to know that!  They need to know that God is with us, no matter what.  They need to read this book and be reassured of His awesomeness and His timing and His love for us.

We all go through a time of not really being patient, it is so very hard.  Especially when you are talking about having a baby.  She also talks about and has scripture about how to be patient, and she herself is being patient, and CLAIMING that baby.  Love the prayer at the end and how to claim that child as your own.

Thank you for opening up and being willing to write what you have gone through so others can be assured that they aren't alone. It can be a very dark and scary and lonely time, but God is ever so good and faithful!

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