Tuesday, August 25, 2015

God's Plan, Not Mine

Thankfully God knows what He is doing...  Because I'm a little confused. Was upset and frustrated this morning to be honest.

Baby number 7 is due Sept 1. Found out last Tuesday that this lil one is breech...  Had an ultrasound on Wednesday at Milford to confirm for sure, and then another doc appt on Thursday for options.

Option 1 would be they would've taken me in last Friday or Saturday (the 21st or 22nd) and try to turn baby.  If baby turned or even if didn't, and everything was ok, I would've been sent home to wait it out.  If something happened, I would need emergency c-section.
Option 2 schedule c-section at 39 weeks or after.

I was not very comfortable with the first option, so I scheduled it.  They got me in today, exactly 39 weeks.

Finally got the call the night before to find out what time I was scheduled for.  All ready to go, at peace, not nervous, and ready!  This kid has been laying the wrong way and it has just been painful.  Not trying to complain, but being honest.  :)

Got to Kent and go through EVERYTHING, 2 bags of IV fluids, all the docs and nurses coming in and talking about what will happen, how they do the spinal, everything.  Up to the point of them about giving me the little 1 oz drink to help with the acid in my stomach from the c-section.  They get the sonogram machine and the doc looks for the head.  But the head it not where it was last Wednesday...  The baby's head is down and no longer breech! (not engaged, but down)  So guess what that means?  I go home.  They won't induce me, I'm 39 weeks, I wanted to be induced.  I was ready to have this baby.

The frustrating part for me was getting me all ready to go and then do the ultrasound...  Why not do that first? I'm in the 5%- FIVE PERCENT- of ladies whose babies turn.  Baby could turn back, but for now, I just wait.

I'm still barely at 2 cm and 50% effaced, which I have been since 37 weeks.

I had a few hours this afternoon to myself while the kids were playing and just sat and rested and prayed.

I know without a doubt that God has this! HE has me through everything!  No matter what happens.  I will continue to praise Him no matter what!  I was just having a human moment and not liking what was going on. I also had the thought that my old doc in MD would've let me be induced at 39 weeks, so I was frustrated that they were letting me go.

I understand and know surgery would be harder and recovery would be longer and harder.  I know that God is protecting me and this babe.  Who is very stubborn...  Takes after his/her father for sure, because we all know I am not stubborn...  ;)  haha

So while still tonight I'm slightly disappointed that there is still no baby and I was sent home, I will praise Him.  I will continue to trust in and on Him and know that He has brought me this far, so I know He has me and He won't leave me.  I don't always understand why things happen, or the way things happen, but I know that He is in control!  I deep down wasn't excited about c-section, never having one, I didn't really want my last one to be that way, but was ok with it.

I have a doc appt Thursday morn, and will go from there... Now I'm praying that they will induce me at 40 weeks since my mom will be here for sure.  If I go into labor on my own, I'm praying it isn't the middle of the night!  ;)

Oh and no, I didn't feel any extra movement for when this babe turned.  The nurse asked me and even the doc and I said no, I didn't feel anything extra.  Just the typical in consistent contractions and an elbow here and there.  But no extra hard movement or jumping around.  I have NO clue when this babe decided to turn!

God has had His in this pregnancy and continues to have His hand in it.  He does have a sense of humor...

Never a dull moment in the Cecil house...  ;)

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Natalie Willis said...

I think being frustrated was a natural reaction! I would have been frustrated, too. But you are right, wise momma :) God has this. He has a plan, and His timing is perfect. Love you and praying for you, as are so many. And so excited to meet this sweet baby who is full of surprises already!