Monday, December 9, 2013


(wrote this back in August... and left it...)

We are having mower issues...  As in, can't get the riding one to work.  It's been one part after another.  ;)

But have an awesome friend who won't give up and helping, well, let me re-phrase.  He's doing all the work, we just buy the part and stand out of his way!  :)

Anywho...  Mowing today, earplugs in my ear, drowning out noises...  Always do alot of thinking when I'm mowing, since I have to walk, it takes longer, which is TOTALLY ok!  SO not complaining here!  SUPER thankful I have legs to walk and be able to mow!

Just thinking and thanking God for slowing me down enough to mow.  Yes, I'm thanking Him for mowing.  It seems like life has just taken off.  No slowing down.  Even when we were on "vacation" I felt like we were going going going...  Again, NOT complaining b/c I was so grateful to be able to see friends and family!  But we got home, and bam, right back into our crazy life of appointments, getting this and that done and Curt's schedule just went crazy insane!  It never ends does it?  :)

So back to slowing down.  When was the last time you just sat?  Sat and prayed? Sat and thanked God for all He has blessed you with? Sat on your front porch, clearing your mind and not worrying about the laundry, what is for dinner, what work things you need to get done.

Everything now and days is fast.  Faster phone, faster computers, faster service for oil changes, fast food restaurants, frozen food/pre made food...  I could go on.

Now hang on, I do every now and then buy that frozen pre made stuff, but I much rather prefer to make something, so I'm NOT judging.  I'm just letting my brain go.  :)

I went and bought Taco Bell about a month or so ago.  Sitting in the drive-through lane thinking and watching the clock, starting to get annoyed that it was taking so long.  Um, wait a minute.  Did I seriously just complain that my food wasn't ready at this restaurant in less than 5 minutes?

Really.  Come on.  I don't want my life to be a blur.  I don't want to take things for granted. Seems like life in general is just more busy.  What happened?  We drive faster cars.  We buy things to make our life easier.

Which is ok, to an extent.  Just make sure you are taking the time you need and SLOW DOWN.

I have 6 kids, 2 whom need appointments quite often and one that has needed more care than I was hoping for.  BUT my God is AWESOME and has blessed us beyond measure!

Make sure you sit back and enjoy what God has blessed you with!  No matter what you are going through!  Find the joy and cherish it and treasure it!

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