Friday, November 22, 2013

Over a Year Now...

Wowzers!!  So much has happened since last blogging, I'm so behind!!!

Right after the last one back in July, I ended up taking Ella to see Dr Reilly...  He told me to go home, pack some bags and bring her back to be emitted... Long story, she got MRSA in that ear and needed to have surgery to clean the area and wash it out, praying that would solve the prob....

Dakotah's birthday, August, 21st, I had to take her back in.  They both had a hearing appointment and after showing audiologist, and making calls to assisting doc's, they said you need to bring her in TONIGHT. Exactly what I wanted to do on my daughters birthday!  :\ So, ate some cake, opened her presents and off I took Ella, back in.  Dr Reilly wasn't even in state until the following week...  :\  They gave her the antibiotics, and said they didn't want to remove the device until Dr Reilly came back in town, which means they wanted me to stay in the hospital that long...  I begged them to let us out by Saturday b/c I didn't want to stay there until Monday when Dr Reilly came back.  They let us go with the antibiotics at home, along with another strong drug.  A few days after Dr Reilly came back, we had surgery to remove her CI.  This is now her 5th surgery...  :(  She was such a trooper and did GREAT!!!!

I told everyone that would listen our story!  :)  From adoption to all the visits, etc...

Through it all, it was tough, but God is good. He is just so awesome and just and fair!  Yes, it was hard seeing my daughter go through all that, but I know that good can and will come out of it!  I just pray she one day understands that, or completely forgets it all....  God used us by telling others just how AWESOME He is, even when things don't seem so fair, or right.  I knew that God was with me the whole time, it's by His grace and strength that I made it through all that! I still praised Him through it all!

Fast forward a month and it's been ONE YEAR since we've been home with XJ and Ella!

Yes, it has been awesome and great, but it has been hard too!  Yes, God has blessed us so much!  But it doesn't mean there aren't hard times!  There has been laughter, tears, struggles, joys, growth, improvement and sadness.  Raising 6 kids is tough, but it is rewarding and I do thank God everyday that He trusts me enough to raise them!  That He trusts me enough to loan them to me to raise, to become God-fearing Men and Women.

They have all adjusted very well! But there are days...  Ella had reverted back for a good 2 months, where she refused to listen and would get that look in her eyes that she did when we were in China with her.  She started biting her toes and toe nails again, gross, I know...  ;) I know some people would say it's her age, but I won't agree with you on that one.  Adopt a child and then we can talk.  I mean no disrespect by that comment.  Yes some it has to do with age, but I also know how she was and how she can be when she doesn't want to listen, just be very defiant.  ;)  She is doing much better again.

Finally got all the kids in for annual check ups and eye doc appointments too...  Kotah is now wearing glasses, some of the time, and Thad got a new pair, but his are all the time...  Praying these new specs do the trick or we may have to talk surgery for his eye.  But placing that all in Gods hands!  XJ also needs glasses!  I'm pretty excited for him to get them and to see how much it helps him!  Just in walking even!  :)  Poor guy wasn't seeing very well, and I thought that was the case, but got caught up in all the hearing appointments, that that got pushed aside...  And I REFUSED to go back to LensCrafters!  Finally found an AWESOME doc, and she did GREAT with Ella and XJ!  I really didn't want to have to take them up to Children's for their eyes too, already taking Thad up there..  ;)

Homeschooling is going good.  We got gifted a desk top which has been a HUGE blessing since the older 2 do their work on the computer, it's an online curriculum. Will also get Skylar on there really soon too!  :) XJ, Ella and Thad are doing great at what I'm giving them to do!  XJ just needs lots of repetition. But he is learning and doing good!  :)

God is so good!  He has blessed us in so many ways!  Can't wait to see what else He has in store for our family!  I know He isn't done b/c we are all still breathing!  ;)  It may not make sense what His plans are, but I'm excited to do whatever He asks of me and my family!  I am Yours God, USE me!!!

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