Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hearing Update!!!

Been a while...  sorry...  Life has just been super crazy...  not something I wanted, but it's my life right now, and I'm ok with that.  :)

Hearing appointments and speech have taken over our lives the last few weeks, and I guess month!

Ella had her left side re-done on 5-31.  She got activated on that side 7-2.  Things are going GREAT!  She did have some stitches that were sticking out, and emailed doc about them, and took her in last week and he snipped them...  Then I emailed him Sunday (3:30pm) about a spot that was about the size of a nickel, a bit bigger, but was big, pink and squishy.  I know, kinda gross, sorry.  ;)  He CALLED me that evening around 5:30, on a SUNDAY to talk to me about it, called in an antibiotic and said to bring her in Wednesday so he can look at it.  It's gone down a bit, but still there...

I joked with Curt saying that recovery and activation has been sooooo much BETTER this time around, something had to happen right?  :)

We have all our bills now from insurance from the surgery.  For the 3 implants, and hospital, rooms, etc, the total was over $335,000.00.  Yes, you read that right.  Go ahead, pick your jaw up, I'll wait.  ;) 

Yes, it's insane how much it all costs.  But we knew God would help and we knew that He was telling us to go ahead with the surgery. (this is NOT including Ellas re-surgery) We are still getting co pays and all from hearing check ups and then speech therapy...  But we only had to pay just over $6,000!  We got XJ's bills pretty quick, and was still waiting on Ellas, and it finally just went through!  Can't believe how awesome our insurance is right now!  I also know that God played a big part in this for taking care of us!  We are still tight b/c of some bills, but just can NOT believe we've only had to pay that much!  God is so good!  ALLL the time!!!  :)

Now, about Ellas second surgery.  Went into it by Dr Reilly saying he wasn't going to charge us.  But we figured the recovery room and all we would pay for.  We knew that he wasn't charging for his surgery, and he was pretty sure the processor would be covered b/c he had to get a new one for her.

When I took her in for her one week post - op check up, he told me, if you get ANY bill from that day, PLEASE let me know!  I said ok.

Well we got a few, we had already paid (Cheap ones...), and then we got one for the processor.  I sent it to him and he wrote back right away saying he would bring it to billings attention.

He told me when I took her in for the snipped stitches that he didn't want us to have to pay for anything from that surgery.  He said if it was his kid, he wouldn't want to pay for a mistake the doc made, and it was a crazy one b/c it just doesn't happen!  (the thin wire missed cochlea and went over her nerve that keeps her balance, and so when we went to get it activated, she went into a seizure like mode...)  He also told me that since that happened he will NOT use the processors with the thin wire, he doesn't want that mistake again.

I think he FINALLY gets it that we are NOT upset or mad at him for what happened!  He didn't know this would happen and he was already being cautious! Like I said before, I know God had a plan, and He provided for us. :)

I HIGHLY recommend Dr Reilly at the DC Childrens, ENT.  He has been FANTASTIC!!! 

When I sent him the email about Ella and the pic of her ear on Sunday, he basically told me (not being mean), but that I should've just texted him the pic and called him. But it was Sunday, and i wasn't going to do that!  Family time, but he took the time and called in antibiotic so we could start it right away.  He has shown soooo much concern for us, and I truly appreciate it and all he has done!

Taking her tomorrow to have the spot checked, then another hearing appointment, which is called mapping, next week.  She will have that side turned up one more time, and then they will both be at about where they will be.  XJ is pretty much staying the same volume as well...  Then they have another speech therapy next week. :)

Last week I was wondering how I was going to home school XJ.  Could I really do it?  just feeling down and discouraged... But after watching her work with him and getting a few ideas on how to teach him, I am encouraged and ready!  Keep REPEATING is KEY!!!  :)  I bought a few cheap books at the Target and Dollar Store to start working with him. I've never had to teach a child who is deaf and a little bit of a slow learner, but I can do this b/c God will equip me and give me what I need when I need it. I know without a doubt that God has called these 2 into our family and am super blessed to be their mom, forever!

I always said I didn't want to have to be going here and there and in the car alot, but God is teaching me some things on that!  :)  We've all spent alot of time in the car going here and there for their appointments, but I know this is a season, and things will slow down. 

BAHAHA, who am I kidding?  Cecil house slow down?  Ok, fine, maybe in my dreams!  ;)

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