Friday, June 7, 2013

How Much Is Too Much???

I've been trying to go through and clean the whole house. Not just clean, but purge of things. Buuuut with 6 kids and then two of them having surgery, weekly check ups, then another surgery to fix it.... I haven't  gotten very far... ;)

But today as I was cleaning I kept looking at the two rooms I was trying to make a pathway through, yet again. I was thinking, how much of this do we really need? I was cleaning up the Legos, then the school room and office. It is a mess in there. So not going to lie. Legos had gotten everywhere, some of the kids get in them, and don't put them away while other kids walk right by it and not bother to pick it up. Then the games, Oy... I've been through the games but wondering if I need to go through them again? 

My thoughts all day today: how much is too much? How much can I get rid of but yet still be comfy? I'm gonna be honest, part of me has a hard time parting with things bc of a memory I have with it. I know crazy, but still.

My other thing is clothes, I've gotten rid of a lot of clothes and still need to finish my hanging clothes but haven't been able to get to them yet... I won't say that there is a dresser right in the middle of that closet.... ;) I don't want to be wearing the same thing over and over, but lets face it, we all have that go shirt or pants or sweat shirt. Right? Or am I only the one that does that? :) I've gotten quite a bit of hand me downs, but realized I'm not wearing them all. It's amazing what a scarf and jewelry can do to make it look different! :) I'm not sure how many shirts I had before I started purging my clothes, but so far I have a heaping laundry basket full of clothes to get rid of. I have enough. I prob could go through them and even get rid of a bit more. Maybe I'll do it again next spring? 

I'm trying to get things done so I can do that yard sale! I haven't given up on getting one done! :) I've got a few pieces of furniture that we don't need anymore! One for sure is a twin size chair that pulls out into a bed. It's taking up space. We don't use it except to hold blankets... Which is another thing I need to go through.

My house isn't huge, but it isn't small. But with a family of 8, it can feel small and tight in certain rooms bc of what we have.

Thinking of what I can get rid of and still be comfy.  How comfy do I want to be?  Are there any things you can get rid of and still be comfy?  How comfy do you want to be? 

My dishwasher broke a few days ago, so we've been washing dishes. So for complaining! I'm so thankful for a roof over my head and bed to sleep in! Our mower broke yet again. I'm not sure what it is with mowers and us?!!?? :) but that's life, thins are going to break and things are going to happen! But it's how to deal with those circumstances... Are you going to pout and throw yourself a pity party, or are you going to thank God for what you have?

I thank God I have a sink to wash those dishes (and kids to help me! :)), I thank God that I have a husband that can now fix our mower, thanks to a friend who helped him! I thank God that if we can't fix something I know there is someone in my church family that will help us! :)

So the next time something doesn't go the way "you" want it too, how are you gong to react? Yes it isn't always easy to start singing praises and thank God for what you have, but I challenge you to sing and thank God the next time something breaks, you feel overwhelmed, or things just don't go the way you thought they should! Maybe we are all in the fast lane and God is trying to get our attention? Maybe we need to move back into that slow lane. Maybe we need to sit still and do nothing and just listen to Hm.

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