Tuesday, June 4, 2013


(I didn't get a chance to finish and post this on the 19th of May....)

Wow!  I've done such a GREAT job at keeping up with this! :\

I posted a while ago about not buying any food, well, trying NOT to buy anything, for the whole month of May!  I posted what I fixed for the first 2 days, and now it's the 19th...  So sorry!

I've bought 3 loaves of bread and 2 gallons of milk, and 3 packages of 18 count eggs.  That's it.  I still can't believe it's been 19 days!  I miss my fresh fruit, but we are totally making by with what we have!

We've also been blessed beyond measure by our awesome church family!  They gave us meals until the 10th!  It was every other night, but it was AWESOME!!  I was thinking, eh, I'll be fine and ready to get to cooking and all by then...  Wow.  I can't believe how TIRED I was still after the kids surgery!  Who knew?  ;) I wasn't even the one who HAD the surgery!  It's true what they say, the kids def bounce back a lot faster than the parent!  Or atleast the momma!  :)

I'll do my best and post what we had, but I can honestly say, I don't remember everything!  :(  I should've written it down...  but I didn't....  I think I'll go backwards...  Start from today, and work my way back to what I remember!  :)

Day 19-
Breakfast - baked apple/cinnamon steel cut oats
Lunch- pb and j
Supper- (have a freezer meal from a month or so ago... It wasn't enough for a full meal, but didn't want to waste it, so I just added a few potatoes and milk!  :)) Potato and corn chowder soup

Day 18-
Breakfast - Cold oats with puffed millet/ strawberries
Supper- Tilapia fish fillets with half a stick of butter and seasoned with Happy Salt (Happy Salt, something my mom got from me from the Amish store..  SOOOOO good!  It's a mixture of pepper, sea salt, garlic and I think onion?) Cilantro/garlic rice and strawberries
Dessert- I had made one chocolate strawberries

Day 17-
Breakfast- Leftover pumpkin oatmeal made into "pancakes"
Dinner- Spicy tomato soup - was frozen in freezer...

Day 16-
Breakfast- pumpkin oatmeal
Lunch- "snack lunch" (crackers, cheese, last of the frozen cherries, and whatever else I could find to throw on their plate!  ;))
Supper- hamburgers, tomatoes with fresh mozzerlla on top, with salt, pepper, and a bit of olive oil and basil.
(a friend was leaving town for a few days and dropped us off this meal!  PLUS I have enough hamburgers to make for one more meal!  THANK YOU!!!!)

Day 15-
Ok, I'm gonna be honest, I'm not remembering much anymore...  I feel bad b/c I wanted to keep track and write EVERYTHING down that we've eaten!  Because it is easy to come up with good stuff to eat!

I have fixed alot of oatmeal for the kids...  They don't complain, which is good...  It's amazing the different ways you can fix that!  I planned on making some granola yet tonight so they would have that tomorrow morning, but I have yet to fix it.
I also need to figure out what I'm fixing for tomorrow's lunch and dinner in the van!  Kids have their activation and we will be in the van for both meals...  I did buy a bag of animal crackers for them tomorrow...  Just b/c I know they will need a snack! :)

I made chicken salad inside tortillas, for the kids activation day dinner and pb and j for lunch on the way up.

I did get sick towards the end of this, and I didn't count in the mommy getting sick factor, what will they eat?  Curt can cook, but there wasn't hardly anything in the frig or cupboards for him to make anything!  :\ So he had bought pizza one night and made sure there was enough bread and eggs...  The kids love making breakfast and had made eggs and Gavin made pancakes with the left over pancake mix I had...  Kotah made some doughnuts using her doughnut maker from Gramma. :)

Yes, we did run out of fresh veggies and fruit after about 2-3 weeks...  I was missing that, but really, we had enough food to make it!  Infact, I still have things to use and plan on just going to Farmer's Market to buy some local veggies and fruit...  Which I have already...  ;)

Will def try to post some more recipes soon...  If I have a spare minute or two!  :)

I challenge you to try the same.  See how long you can go with the food in your freezer, frig and pantry.  It's amazing the things you come up with!  I didn't take pics of everything I made, but I will try and post things I made!  They all turned out really good too!  Not once did we go hungry!

I did buy bread, milk and eggs...  But all in all, without the food we had to buy for camping and the dinner for when I was sick, I think I spent $50 for the whole month!  :)

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