Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Activation Day!!!

Wow, super late...  But better late than never right?  ;)

Both Ella and XJ got activated May 20, 2013...  Exactly 8 months since they've been home!  So happy home 8 months day and activation day!  :D

Got up there and found out that both of Ella's CI's processors came in, but XJ's didn't.  So I was going to have a loaner for XJ for a week until we went back up to get them mapped...  (mapped = turn volume up on remote which makes their CI's louder) 

This is going to be long, and feel free to skip certain videos, but I'm posting all videos we took that day.  :)

Here's how the day went...

Here Patricia is testing her electroids and finding out which one she hears, once she hears the sound, she is to drop the block in the bucket...

Here she turned on the left side, and quickly realized that something wasn't right...  You can't fully see her eyes in this video, but you can hear Patricia saying she is prob getting dizzy...  That's not normal. That shouldn't happen.

Here you can hear what's going on...  But still not right...

Here we are doing the left side now.  Towards the end she make faces b/c it's too loud, or she doesn't like the sound.  She's also getting antsy and tired... ;)

Here is the one you will def want to watch!  Time to turn it on so she can hear us!!!  :D

Here's two with XJ dropping blocks in the bucket!  :)

Here's the one you def watch to with XJ!  It's turned on and he can hear us!!!  :D (he just doesn't respond to me...  ;)) Starting at 3:25, be prepared to laugh or cry...  ;) It's the best part!!  :D

And just some observation...  ;)

Last one...  Ella with her eyes...  Not nearly as bad as it was the first time she turned her on, but she also turned it down some...

So that is what is NOT supposed to happen!  She called Dr Reilly before we left and he wanted to do a CT scan that week. 

We left there and went on home!  The kids did GREAT!  They each have a remote that has 4 programs and each program goes to volume 10.  They said they wanted them to hopefully by atleast to 3.10 by the time we went back next week...  Well, XJ was at 4.10 by the next day (Tuesday) and Ella was at 4.10 on Wednesday.

Wednesday I finally called about CT scan, b/c doc said it would be yet this week, and should hear no later than Tuesday, and be in Wed, Thurs for the scan...  After some emails and personal phone calls from Dr Reilly, we went in that Friday to have scan and it was read by the doc right afterwards.

It was as we had thought, she needed to have surgery again to fix the prob.  The electroid didn't go into the cochela, it went partway in and then went flip up to her vestibular nerve.  English terms: it means it hit the nerve which causes you to not be dizzy, stand and not fall over, etc...  He used a different thickness wire for this implant.  The other side had a thicker wire...  So the plan was to have it re-done as soon as we were comfortable with it.

I called Curt on the way home and told him what was happening and then he said well, it needs done, let's do it asap.  Dr Reilly told me he could do it the next Friday...  So I sent him email and said ok, let's do it.

So we got on the books and got it done Friday (the 31st)

Curt stayed home with the kids and I went with Ella, bright and early Friday morning!  I was praying that she wouldn't be nervous knowing and remembering the last time...

Dr Reilly told me was going to do X-rays before and after just to make sure it entered the cochlea all the way!  I also found out that was a trip trying to do X-rays while she was still open and then not knowing if it was the left or the right side they were looking at!  :)  But they got it and it's all done!

Ella's recovery this time was SOOOOOO much better!!!!  She was up to pee about an hour after waking, which is COMPLETELY different than last!  She WALKED back to her bed after going to the bathroom, she ate 3 popsicles, 2 apple juice AND had dinner that night!  Then she ate MY chips for a snack! :)

 She slept through most of the night, I think she kinda woke up, but she went back to sleep...  They did move us at 10...  I was just drifting off to sleep and I hear this hello momma, I'm so sorry, but we need to move you closer to nurses station.  There were only 4 patients besides us, and they wanted us all closer to station, and we were the only ones by exit door.  So guess where they put us?  Same room we had the first time!  ;)  Thankfully Ella went right back to sleep...  They just moved her bed, but the motion woke up, but like I said, she went right back to sleep!  I was close to follow then!  ;)

Woke up at 5, and she was asking for a popsicle at 6:30! IN THE MORNING!!!  :)

Doc came in around 9ish to change the ear covering, and then we were OUTTA there!  :)

The doc who came in to change ear covering remembered us!  Also, we had a few of the same nurses who remembered us!  One walked by us after she got up the first time and said, hey!  Wait!  Why are you back?  Then proceeded to ask about her brother and how the rest of the family was doing!!!  :)

The first nurse we had was seriously an answer to prayer!  She was absolutely FANTASTIC! She made it so much nicer!!!  Less than an hour went by after I talked to her a bit...  She said she was a Christian and felt called to adopt!  She is pregnant with their first, but adoption is DEF on their hearts!  :)   She asked about our story and so later on I got to tell her!  In a nutshell version!  :)  I was texting Curt about her and he said the same thing I was thinking, "God moment". 

I'm sad that I had to put Ella through the surgery again. I'm sad that it didn't work out the first time, BUT I'm NOT sad about Katie and being able to meet her, tell her my story, for her to meet Ella, tell her I'm praying for her.  This whole last week-end was so def planned by God!  It couldn't have gone any smoother! :)

I ran into to Target to get her antibiotic filled and they told me the wait would be an hour.  I was like oh, ok.  I'll just walk around.  I texted Curt and said hey it's going to be an hour, should I just come home?  Then I walked around for a bit after deciding to stay, b/c I didn't want to have to go back out...  I get a text from the pharmacy saying it was done, after 15 minutes!  I walk over to counter and the pharmacist was checking me out, I looked at her and said, did you fill that sooner?  She just looked at me and smiled.  When I went up to pay the person behind me dropping off their script, the pharmacist said it would be an hour and fifteen minutes.  So I knew something was up!  ;)

Just as I was paying Curt texted and asked if I wanted to meet at Chick-fil-A for lunch.  It is a rare treat to eat out for us!  :)  But I was tired and figured it would be a nice treat for everyone, so I said ok.  I bet him there and walked in and there was an older gentlemen and his wife.  he was making over Ella and smiling and waving at her.  Picture Ella with the big ear muff on one side, and a bandaide on the other hand from the IV...  Then walks in the rest of the gang and he's doing the same to all of them as well.  We finally get up to order and I see him standing next to Curt, but didn't think about it, my brain is still tired...  ;)  Curt thought he was trying to cut in to get a re-fill!  Haha!  :)  But he said, excuse me, put it all on this card.  Curt said what?  You don't have to do that!  The guy responds with, hey, it's not my money, it's His and when He tells me to do something, I BETTER do it!  :) I look at Curt trying to process what just happened!  I took kids and we sat down while Curt and Gavin waited for the food.  They brought it over and I told the kids we need to go thank that guy and his wife, he just paid for our lunch!  Kotah and Gavin said WHAT??  He did what?  So we walked over and the kids all said Thank you and I'm teary eyed thanking him and his wife for what he did!  I said it's been a week-end, my daughter had to have her ear re-done b/c the cochlear implant didn't take the first time, I'm just getting home with being gone for just over 24 hours... he just looked at me and said, no, thank you for blessing us!  Your family is so sweet and it's so neat to see you all just walk in.  His wife just sat there and smiled and shook her head agreeing.  We talked a bit, and then walked back over to eat out lunch.

So you see, things don't always go the way we want them too.  Yes, I was bummed it didn't take.  But I KNEW without a doubt that God had a plan!  Sometimes it hurts, sometimes we experience pain, and it may not be us that experiences it, sometimes it's our kids that have to go through that pain.  But I hope and pray that my kids understand the same thing I do, that it doesn't matter what happens, as long as He gets all the glory and praise!  My God is an awesome God!  I thank Him for blessing us this week-end the way He did!  Unbelievable!  Really, it couldn't have turned out any better!  :D

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