Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kids Update

Tomorrow is THE day!  The day XJ and Ella get activated! :D

To be honest I was NOT worried about Ella, with her having hearing aides, and having heard really loud noises without them, I figured she would be fine.  Well, as I had said after they had sown her up and tested her right ear, some of the electroids weren't working...  Our audiologist said she wanted to test her BEFORE activation that way she knows what she will be dealing with, and it's one less thing she will have to do.  She may still need to do a little, but not as much.  So I said ok... This was last Friday, that day we had to apply for Gavin's passport, and dinner out to meet friends and then someone coming from AWAA b/c we were in charge of a seminar on Saturday, which was also Thad's b-day...  needless to say, I REALLY did NOT want to add one more thing into this day, but knew I  needed to go....

Packed the muchkins up and headed to the Upper Marlboro Office.

THANK YOU JESUS!  ALLLLL 22 electroids ARE working in Ella's right ear!  I sighed a HUGE sigh and said Thank you Jesus for answering prayer!

She did GREAT while she was measuring the right ear...  Then she moved to the left ear....  After 7ish minutes she was done.  She just looked at me, not able to explain what she was hearing and feeling, but had this look like PLEASE MOM, make it stop NOW!  I just signed its ok, wait a minute ok?  I rubbed her back, gave her kisses, and just held her.

Audiologist said it was almost done with that frequency, and it was, then moved on to another one, she did ok, then yet another one, and almost in tears.  She stopped it.  So, my thinking of her being ok, may not be so true.  I don't know how best to explain it, but she could hear the electroids firing off, in different tones and frequencies.  Some obviously higher than others.

They don't ever show those videos of the child crying b/c they don't know what to expect once they activate their implant.  They don't ever show the fear in that child.  They just don't show it, but I can tell you what, it happens!  I just saw a video of someone I "met" via facebook who has adopted and they did the CI in one ear, and was just activated recently.  She cried.  She had no idea what it was.

Granted, Ella has had some hearing, so I really don't think it will be too big of an issue for her.  Once she gets past the firing and measuring of the electroids, and gets used to the different sounds.

It won't be the same as hearing like we do.  An cochlea implant is computerized.  You know Kit from Night Rider right?  Ok, picture that sound, only a bit more "modern".  They will be able to tell the difference between my voice and Curt's, and the kids.  They will be able to hear music.  They will be able to hear EVERYTHING.  It will be turned down low at first, so as not to scare them.  Ella's may be turned up more b/c she's heard before, but I don't know for sure.

XJ, that's another story.  His brain could refuse the noises entering in his brain b/c he has heard NOTHING for the first 6 yrs of his life.  OR his brain could be like hey, I need to register this.  What is this?  I know whatever happens that it is all apart of God's awesome and mighty plan!  I trust Him NO MATTER what happens! 

I have prayed EVERY STEP of this journey and we are FAR from being done!  :)  We've been home for EIGHT MONTHS (tomorrow will be 8 months....) and this is just the beginning!

I will post video here and my facebook as soon as I can!  Appointment is at 1pm, and we may not leave until 5pm or after 5pm.

Praying for ALL my kids! I've got some things and snacks for them!  We will be eating lunch in the van on the way up (have to go to Scottish Rite Center in DC for activation...) and supper in the van on the way home... ;) Now I have to go figure out what I'm packing for lunch and dinner..... ;)

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