Thursday, February 26, 2009


First of all, thank you ladies for all those sweet comments you made on my last post! How sweet you are for saying those things! Made my day!!! :O)
Second, went for the ultrasound on Monday and everything is fine! WHOO HOO!!!!! No more placenta previa!!!! The baby weighs about 2 1/2 lbs, and everything looks good! We took the kids with us so they could see their baby brother/sister, they LOVED it!! Gavin was FULL of questions though! What's that stuff she put on mommy's belly? Why do the lights needs to be off? I only see one eye. Where's the other eye? What was that, is that his hand or leg? Oh my.... ;o) The tech ended up putting up a 4D on the screen, so that was really cool to see! The cord was kinda in the way, but I still think it was awesome! I didn't have that with any of the other kids!!! :O) Maybe the trick is taking 3 other siblings in to see the 4th!!! ;o)
I also only gained a pound, which I am trying to figure out, seeings how I pretty much ate a whole batch of chocolate chip cookies within a week.... Hmm.... Wonder what else I can eat and not gain any weight from? LOL


Jena said...

LOL! I am SOO trying out this new diet ;) Thank God for no more placenta previa!!! What a good baby :D

Lori Eilers said...

So glad you and the baby are doing well!

Jen Mumm said...

How FUN! Yay for baby :)

Amy said...

glad everything is good with the baby! I miss you tons, I wish we could get together and make a cake or paint a wall....I still tell people about the lady who painted her walls orange and purple and blue! keep eatin'--lucky you!