Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Let's Do this! (exercise)

Ok, I'm gonna do it!  :)

I was doing so good with exercising and then December came, and went, and nothing.  I could NOT get up early enough to do anything...  Got up and did my devos and that was after the kids were up... I felt so good when I was up before them, did my devos, exercised and got in the shower.

I had a kettle bell given to me and I used it faithfully and LOVED it!  I was up to almost 200 swings...  Now, I'm back at 100...  :\ 

Life gets busy right?  Well, yes it does, but I want to get back into shape.  I want to eat right.  I want to set the example to my kids.  They know all about eating right and exercising, but it's harder when it's colder outside and can't get out and really play alot. And we do eat right, I fix all our meals, and am doing my best to stay away from cream of whatever soups, and other things that aren't healthy, but I do have to have a break every now and whip out something not so healthy,  (like POISON DOGS!!!  ;)) but for the most part, we eat healthy!  We do not do juice drinks, or fruit snacks.  I know, such a bad mom...  But I'm telling you what!  These guys act CRAZY when they get too much sugar!!!  ;)

Life is busy, but I can and I WILL set time aside to make sure I exercise again, EVERYDAY!  I was able to do it for 2 months straight....  What happened?

I make time for my deovs, I will just need to start setting my alarm and get up at 5:45 again!

I feel so much better when I exercise, don't you?  It really does give you more energy, you just have to GET UP!  That's the hard part, but if I can do it, with 6 kids, homeschooling, I think you can!  ;) So from here on out, I'm not going to miss a day, and yes, I'm posting this b/c I want to stay committed...  again.  ;)  Like I said, i did it before, I so can do it again!  It helps the day go better when I got up and got my things done and had breakfast ready, the day really did go smoother, we got school work done and felt more organized and accomplished!  :)

Today I did Zumba high insanity for 30 minutes, it was about 5 songs... and then before that I did 100 kettle bell swings and 15 pushups...  Don't laugh...  I'm starting all over again!  ;)

I know I have gained some weight through this whole adoption process, and yes, it's over and been over for a while.... (yes, you DO gain weight during an adoption, it's just like a pregnancy!  ;)) and would honestly like to lose a few pounds and tone up.  Build my muscles!  ;) 

I don't always eat right b/c I'm so busy.  Or sometimes I miss lunch, so then I snack all afternoon b/c I didn't eat lunch, or breakfast.

So now, here's to eating a good breakfast...  Even if I fix the kids oatmeal, BLECH, I will make sure I eat a small breakfast and eat lunch!

I've even considered doing a detox for a month just to get rid of the yucky stuff and start fresh...  Will see...  Maybe one thing at a time?  ;)

So there's my exercising ramblings...  ;)

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