Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ella's 4th Birthday

We celebrated Ella's 4th birthday on the 3rd of Jan!  What a CR-a-ZY week it was!  They got their hearing aides in that Monday, Dec 31st, and then George and Tawne came out to visit us on the 1st!  It was a great week, but very tiring!  Just all new things with Keegan and Ella...  But it was good!  :)

I didn't go all out on Ellas cake, or birthday, b/c I was beat!  But we did have cake and presents!  Since she can't tell me what her favorite meal is, I cooked the pork potstickers, egg flower soup and then we had cake.  I TOTALLY forgot to get the rice going before it was too late, so that's why no rice!  :) Egg flower soup is so easy and everyone really likes it!  :)  Can't believe HOW MUCH soy sauce we have gone through in the last 3 months!!!  Lets say it's been atleast 2 bottles if not 3!!!  ;)  It's really good on rice...  ;)  and I've cooked ALOT of rice...  Uh, a friend bought us the 25 pound bag of rice (I paid them back...  ;)) from BJ's, and that is gone...  I had it for 2 1/2 months...  ;)  What can I say?  It's a great filler and cheap and yummy!  :)

Ok, back to her birthday!  I really didn't know what to expect from her.  I didn't know how much she would get, although we've gone through a birthday with Keegan, so she knew.  And boy did she HAM IT UP!!! I think she understood!  :)

I made her a chocolate Hello Kitty cake and George did the outline of her face, and then we both got it "colored" in and decorated.  So had supper, cake, and then presents!  :)

Never had a birthday SOOOO close to Christmas before!  Went into Target and Kotah said oh mom, we could get this!  I said, what?  We aren't getting that?  We just had Christmas!  She said, mom, Ella.  Me, lightbulb moment...  ;)

A few pics of her birthday...  ;)

 opening her present from Gpa and Gma Cecil
 A Hello Kitty brush and barrettes
 Oh, I'm not sure she liked the coloring books!  :)

 Showing off her new Hello Kitty barrettes and necklace
Trying out the new puzzles....

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