Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was fun, but also a little different.

We had the honor of lighting the last advent candle at Kneeling Point.  We had Gavin and Kotah read some, I started, then Curt, Kotah and then Gavin.  The last line we all signed so everyone could be apart of it...  Posted the video on my Facebook... 

Our cuz Melissa joined us from Sunday to Tuesday afternoon!  It was awesome spending some time with her!  She also got the kids 2 games, which are WAY fun!  The one Curt and I tried out after the kids went to bed, it's called Connect 4 Launchers.  TOTALLY a fun game, must get!  :)

So Christmas morning we had told the kids they can't wake us up til atleast 7am.  It's been the rule for them, and they haven't woken us up before then before!  :)  I made a hash brown casserole and put it in the crock pot so it would be ready for the morning.

The kids gave each other their gifts, then I made them sit in a semi circle and gave them their gifts from us...  then they opened them one by one.  ;)

I noticed Keegan wasn't fully himself, but he was ok.  But as the day went on, he wouldn't play with his new toys, he was just wandering.  Like he was lost.  Ella was acting up a bit more than normal.

Curt and I talked a bit that night, trying to put our finger on it.  But, didn't get very far.  ;)  Til I read a friends status, something she liked...  It popped up on my news feed, and I'm glad it did...  Here's what was written:

For all my sweet adoption friends who are dealing with new darlings who can't help but sabotage big days like Christmas and are sulking around your house (despite receiving the most beautiful, thoughtful gifts from adoring family members) because of the slightest perceived discrepancies or unrealistic expectations or weird entitlement issues...SOLIDARITY. We press on with love, friends. It WILL get better.
(Jen Hatmaker)

I was sitting there, like whoa, well duh, makes perfect sense now! It's like I needed it spelled out...

It took til the next day around lunch for him to snap out of it...

But it is a first for them both!  

All in all it was a good day!  :)

 Ella and Keegan putting their first ornaments on the tree!  :)
 Thad trying to find THE perfect spot for his!  :)
 Ella puting another one up
 Love the look on his face!  :)
 Kotah putting hers up!
 Skylar not having too much luck getting it up!  Love her face!  :)
 Gavin putting up his!
 It was a bit of mas confusion for a bit!!!  :) But we managed!
 This was the best I could get!  :)
 I'm not sure she liked the gift!  :)
 Love his face!!!  ;) A Captain America seat belt belt!  :)
 Sweet Skylar struggling to get it open!  :)
 Keegan checking out his new seat belt belt!
 Love his sleepy excited face!
 YES!!!!!!!!!  :)
 Ella excited about one of her gifts!  :)
 Skylar loving her new fairy color pages!
 This is pretty awesome!!  :)  Snow White legos!!!  :D
 Ah, blocks for Keegan, which is loves!  :)
 Kotah got a new watch, and wasn't too excited about it...  ;)
 Guess Who!!  This is fun!  :)


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