Thursday, January 17, 2013

Brown Paper Bag Date

It's not what you think! :) brown paper bags are very useful! :)

Last night while Curt was at his meeting I wrote down some serious and stupid and funny questions. I then included a king size Reese cups and king size twin bars. Yes, completely and totally healthy! ;)

Anyways... It was just much needed no cell phone or computer time. It was late by the time he got home, but I managed to stay awake! Haha!!! :)

We haven't had a date in a long time and while this isn't a get-out-of-the-house date... It is a date nonetheless. :) I told him I have a few more planned but will keep that a secret until I do them! Not sure if he's nervous about them or not? ;)

You don't have to get all fancy to have some nice quiet quality time with your spouse! A little planning and a brown paper bag! Anything you can fit in there for a nice fun date! :)

I did one where I grabbed a RedBox movie, a bag of microwave popcorn and some of his favorite candy. I wrote a note that said I promise to stay awake and off my phone. :) I think that was right before we left for China or right after we got home... I don't remember now... :)

Anywho, give it a try! :)

We sat and ate our candy and talked and asked questions! :) some of them we already knew, but that's ok! It is just the fact you are talking with nothing to interrupt! :)

Here are a few questions I asked:

What are your 5 favorite foods?
What is one goal I can help you accomplish this year?
What can I do to make you feel more loved?
What can I do to make you feel more respected?
What is your favorite book(s) of the Bible?
What is your favorite Bible verse(s)?
How would you describe me to someone who has never met me?

These are just a few things I wrote down... :)

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