Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Update on Hearing...

Seems like things are going crazy!  Or I am losing my mind, or both?  ;)

Since their hearing appointment I have been put on hold,  I call back, "let me call you back", put on hold again, told we need a referral, (me, a what?  from who?), more put on hold, call back to the hospital, the hearing test place and insurance!

It's been crazy and I'm SICK of my phone!  I'm gonna chuck the thing out the window!

We already know that insurance will NOT cover the cost of hearing aides and molds, etc...  For one hearing aide it can be from $1,000-$6,000 per ear.

An implant will be anywhere from $40,000-$60,000 per ear, not including the cost of surgery.

I called insurance today b/c I was told that nothing can be done until they get a referral, they can't do another hearing test on Keegan until they get a referral.  I also found out that the doc at Childrens in NOT covered by our insurance.  So, I need to get a referral form from the doc that referred them.  they need to fill out that form, and then the hearing doc needs to fill out a form and submit it to insurance, so that will be covered then, I guess.

There are only 12 states that are REQUIRED to help cover the cost of hearing aides, Maryland IS one of them, BUT our insurance is Blue Cross Blue Shield of MICHIGAN, which is NOT one of those states REQUIRED to help!  Haha, awesome huh?  ;)  I read that United Healthcare is AWESOME with helping, and we had them before...  Maybe we can go back?  Sounds like a good idea to me!  ;)

I'm actually NOT worried about this all, I know that God will provide and it will all work out. He's already proven that by an really sweet friend!  :)  I'm just tired of making phone calls, and I know its just started.

When I talked to insurance today they said that hearing aides were NOT covered, so I asked cochlear implants aren't covered then either...  The lady said, well, cochlear implants could be b/c "it's a medical condition"...

Um... ok...

We are just supposed to make sure we get the "codes" and go from there if thats what we do with Keegan.  But we don't even know yet about Keegan, we need to get his ABR test done.  Which is NOW schedule thank you! I guess if you bug them enough they will get back to you?  I dunno, or they were tired of me calling everyday, sometimes more than once?  Whatever the case, his appointment is next Tuesday at 8am.  He has to be at Georgetown at 6:30am....  Once that is done, we should know more answers and be able to go from there!  :)

We go tomorrow morning to get Ella impressions of her ears for hearing aides.

That's pretty much all I know right now re-guarding the hearing items....  ;)

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