Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Life Around Here

Haven't had much time to really sit down and post...  Well just write what's going on around here!  :) It's not really in any order, but the way my brain is working right now...  Been a crazy night and ready to go to bed, but its not quite bedtime yet...  ;) Was seriously about ready to go in my room and cry while kids ate dinner, but turned the praise music up louder!  :D

Things really are going good.  Every now and then Ella just refuses to do something. She just has this look in her eyes...  What's going through her little head? I don't know...  Really other than that, she's good!  She's her spunky little self! :)  She has adjusted and learning to sign very well, picks up alot!  She's very smart!  :)

Keegan is still doing great!  Haven't noticed anything with him, as far as being sad, etc...  The only thing if you try to correct him or tell him no, and he knows it, he will tilt his head up and his eyes go back, not just back, but WAAAAAY back!  How do you tell a deaf child who will NOT look at you to stop doing something? Its been a challenge some days with that, but seriously for the most part it's been good!  :)

I'll be posting an update on all the hearing appointments coming up and etc...

We put our Christmas tree up and it was mass confusion!  But it was fun!  Just to see Keegan and Ella's eyes lite up... Of course as in years past, most tree branches have alteast 5 clusters of ornaments on each branch!  ;)   We got all our shopping done minus 2 things I need to get at Target.  :)  Amazon is awesome!  :)

The kids were all talking about what they were/are going to get each other and I said whoa, wait a minute here guys...  Let me talk to daddy first, BUT we can't afford to have you guys buy each other one present...  That's way to much money!  I said we will prob put your name in a bowl and you can draw a name out and get for THAT one person, ok?  They were THRILLED with that idea!  ;)  So, I talked to Curt and even before I could utter the whole sentence he stopped me and said, "We've become "THAT" family?" All the while laughing!  I said yes, yes we have!  ;) So in the next few days we will have them draw a name out of a bowl and they will get one present...  ;)

I've been doing monthly grocery shopping last month and again this month!  Can't believe how much MORE I am saving and I kinda need to with everything going on!  :)  Every little penny I tell ya!  ;)

But anyways we went to Aldis, and I told the kids to put a quarter in each first cart in the row, there were only 3 rows...  ;)  so after I loaded the groceries in the van, we all went and put a quarter in each cart...  Before I could leave, some old guy took his cart back...  He saw that there was a quarter in each cart in the first row and he TOOK them all!  I'm sitting there thinking, really?  Obviously you didn't see that as a blessing to OTHERS but yourself, Well, GOD BLESS YOU MISTER!  ;)  So, I gave 3 more quarters to Gavin and Kotah and told them to RELOAD the carts!  ;)  This time they got to see 3 different people with surprise and looking around, wondering why or who did this!  ;)  One lady even took the quarter she had and put it int he next one.  :)  You could see her kids were asking her what she was doing...  ;)  YES, success, the second time around, but success nonetheless!  ;) I want my kids to do random acts of kindness this month and have plenty more things planned...  This was just the first one!  ;)

Getting lots of negative comments and "advise"  on the cochlear implants.  Gotten quite a bit of good comments too, but somehow those negative rule out the positive. No matter how many times you pray about it. I don't know yet IF we are even doing it, but I can tell you this, this decision will NOT be taken lightly and it hasn't!  I've been praying for both of them since I got their referral pic about what to do .  Praying that God will give me (and Curt) CLEAR direction on which path to go with them, hearing aides, implants or nothing. It's not something we have to decide right now.  Have been praying about it, and will continue to do so. I appreciate INFO, but please, think about what you are saying and how you say it!  You have to understand that I WILL most likely keep my mouth SHUT, but, there may be a time where I can't take it anymore!  Last week was that moment!  I was tired of getting looks while out at the store b/c I have "sooooo many" kids, or the way I should go with implants, and just all the phone calls and needing to be put on hold, and now with insurance....  I'm human y'all..  I'm gonna bust.  So be careful.  That's all I'm sayin...  I mean no offense in this paragraph...  Honest.  :)

I think that's my ramblings for now...  ;)  Life is moving along, some days REALLLLLLY sloooooow and other days REALLLLLLY FAST!  i wouldn't trade it for anything, no matter how crazy my kids are, or if they don't listen right away! Life with 6 kids can be a challenge, esp when you add a "special need" in there, but I know God has blessed ME with them and no one else, so that means He trusts me enough with them, right?  :)

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