Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Of Course

Of course Satan would attack.  It's about time right? 

Of course it would happen right after I get done texting a friend and encouraging some other adoptive mommas...

Of course he would attack, by using a cop car to upset me and my day.

Of course he forgot that I won't let it get me down for long.

So yes, my day was going ok.  The kids were fighting a bit, but what's new right?  They are siblings, its going to happen!  We are trying to get a schedule going, and I'm trying to get school work done with them.  Change is good, and they are good with change, but its a bit different now.  Have to focus harder b/c there are an extra 2 kids wondering what's going on, and why don't they have a huge school book like the older ones?  :)

All but Kotah were outside playing.  I wanted to help Kotah with a subject and could get some done with her while they were outside playing.  I was going to grab Skylar to work on her reading in a bit, but wanted some one on one time with Kotah...  All the while seriously getting up every 5 minutes to check on them outside.  They were outback, and then moved up front playing in the tree and the slide right there. Thad LOVES to climb tree, jump out, go down slide, and go up slide steps to get in tree, and do it over and over and over, I think you get the idea right?  ;)

I call Skylar in and shortly after she comes in Ella and Keegan come in and are playing in living room. I go check on Thad and Gavin, Gavin is way up in tree and Thad is just making his circles around the tree. :)

I come back into kitchen, sit down and point to word for Skylar to sound out.  Then the door bell rings. I don't get up to look b/c I figure it's Thad ringing it, but Kotah gets up and checks.  She comes right back with HUGE eyes, MOM!  It's the SHERIFF!  I said what?  I get up and go and see a young guy, I open the door...  I seriously have a nice questioning look on my face like what's going on?  In a nice way though b/c I have no clue!  Other than the fact that my gut tells me it has to do with the kids outside.

He says I'm sorry to bother you ma'am, but I see this boy running around un-supervised.
(His body language and tone of voice is not very friendly... at all)

I said, well, I just checked on them, and his brother is up in the tree playing with him.  I'm helping his sisters do schoolwork inside.  But I'm checking on them every 5 minutes. 

He said, oh I didn't see the other one in the tree. Well...

And he just stood there, like, waiting for me to come and sit outside and watch them.  I just stood at the door.  He finally very slowly turned away and got in his car and headed out.

Thad comes running up to the porch and I said ok bubby, we are staying inside ok?  He said ok mom.

He went back out to put his bike away and Gavin finally got out of the tree. He was very scared.  he told me, mom!  I was scared that cop came!  Why was he here?

I said well bubby, I don't know.  He said he saw Thad wasn't being watched or maybe someone called us in that was driving by, I don't know for sure.

He said MOM, I didn't CALL them I PROMISE!!!  I said it's ok Gavin, Look at me bubby. You DID NOT do ANYTHING wrong ok?  he just stood there, I said hey, it's ok!  I'm NOT mad or upset at you!  You did EXACTLY as I asked you to, play and watch your brother since the others came in!

He was like ok.  But I feel bad for him, scared now that a cop came to house!  :(

You can tell the cop was processing whether or not they all were mine, b/c the other 4 quickly came up to the door, ESP Keegan and Ella, (what's going on??  ;)) and he knew 2 were outside...  That was the only funny thing now that I think about it, him processing how many kids were here and if they all were mine or if I was just watching them.  ;)

I know i didn't do anything wrong, but one negative comment or insistence can really ruin a day, but I'm choosing to move on!

Satan knows how to get me and since Curt is gone til late tomorrow night, hes going to come with the big guns and come hard and fast!  But I think he forgot that I AM stronger than that b/c my God has me and my family!

thanks for a few friends who have encouraged me after this little ordeal!  :) You helped me move on.  Yes it's still somewhat bothering me, but I'm moving on and still praising God!  He's blessed me with these kids!  I let my kids outside to play and don't sit out there the whole time they are out there!  I'm always in the kitchen or living room, so I'm right here! How many times have cops come down my street when I'm not out and they are?

I would've been a bit more appreciative of him stopping if his tone and body language was a bit better.  I understand the whole looking out for the kids, but come across a bit nicer if you REALLY were concerned....

Got them lunch and laid them down for naps...  Satan, you aren't going to win!  I'm doing what God wants me to do, my kids rock, even if they are fighting..  ;)

This world can be cruel, people can say and do mean things, but if you are truly doing as God wants and asks of you, then who cares what they think?  They can't judge you, they may try, but they aren't THE judge! Funny how that works though, you just get done encouraging someone and saying they are doing exactly as James 1:27 says, or tell  a friend that you are praying for her and whether they should be homeschooling.. and this happens!  It makes me think, am I doing the right thing? Am i crazy for having 6 kids?  Can I really home school these guys?  Am I harming them by keeping them home?
Then I stop and say wait.  I know without a doubt that God has called us to have 6 kids right now. I know without a doubt that God says yes to me staying at home and homeschooling them!

Yes, it's not going to be easy everyday, and it shouldn't be!  We need some rough tough days to rely more and more on God! I thank Him everyday for all He's blessed me with! I thank Him for these tough days as well!

The world is cruel and mean, but my God is bigger than them. All praise and glory to MY God who is my rock and salvation!  Forever and ever, Amen!

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