Tuesday, September 4, 2012


We asked if we could run into Wal-Mart to grab a few things. I guess Wal-Mart is more expensive than a regular department/grocery store. We wanted to get her a few more pairs of socks and undies... He said its the changing of seasons so it's really a hit and miss of what we could get. Also wanted to get some snacks...

(While in the adoption agency waiting on the official docs there was a lady who adopted a lil 2 yr old boy who has club feet... Anyways she said she ran into the Wal-Mart and we are like Wal-Mart? :) that's how we knew there was one! Haha)

So on way to hotel we ran into Wal-Mart! I'm really thankful Michael came in with us and helped us! :) the place is HUGE!!!!!

We didn't get any socks or undies, but we got the snacks! :)

Enclosed is a pic of some of the things we got! :)

Yes, those are LEMON ritz! And don't knock it, they are GOOD! :) and the bag of chips is CUCUMBER!!!! Can NOT wait to try those! And the bottles are yogurt. I had some in the bag for Ella and figured we should get a few more... She was on formula but got her milk... They are in individual containers, have no frig.

Also got a few others things, regular chips and Pepsi... :)

We did Pizza Hut for lunch. Um, we "think" we got a large, but it was only 6 pieces!!! We got Ella some rice b/c she saw it on the pic and lit up! :) let's just say its quite interesting going out to order! But we can't stay in! :)

Why not eat Chinese food? Well... I don't want to get sick and they aren't a TON of big restaurants that Michael recommends we eat at. We don't have the bacteria build up like they do so they can eat anything! Staying away from all fruits and veggies unless it's cooked and can be peeled. Have eaten lots of watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew! They have THE best honeydew!!! :) eating noodles and fried rice for breakfast! They have a "western" restaurant and one meal a day, breakfast, is free. Ella did really good with her noodles, fried rice and fruit breakfast! Also had about 4 pieces of banana bread! ;)

Went for a walk after lunch and walked to a fountain park. She's so very quiet and almost timid in public, but when she's in the room with us, she's wild! :) but really she's doing very well! :) I'm ready to go get Keegan and come home! :)

Hopefully doing the monkey park tomorrow and then the waterfall day after. I found out very quickly you take a day at a time out here... ;)

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