Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday, September 12th

Today is Skylars 6th birthday!!! Feel bad for not being there but just got done face timing her! :) she seems ok and knew right away that we wouldn't be there! She is such a trooper!!! So proud of her!!!

Can't believe she is SIX!!! Crazy!!!!

I can't remember the name of the place we went to today... It was something like seven this and 2 that...? It had
Villages in the name too... I know, I'm HORRIBLE at remembering names of the places we go too!! :/

Tomorrow we are going to the largest Buddhists temple in this province.

Then we fly out of here Friday. I'm not sure of the time...

Also, I guess a typhoon was supposed to hit, but it didn't. We are fine! :) it was atleast 90d today, pretty hot! But after the kids naps we went across the street and ventured around a bit more. there was a nice breeze... Behind the mall and across the street there are flowers and fish for sale, Penny's words... There are all types of jade and Buddhists things for sale as well...

We also now know for sure that Keegan is deathly afraid of dogs! He kinda freaked out a bit at the pandas but it wasn't bad and we just figure it was bc they are so big... But just passing a TINY pup he would grab your hand and move himself away from the dog! This little puppy was jumping at Ella's heels and she was laughing at it while XJ was flipping out and making noises like he did NOT like it! Poor boy! We think and wonder if he got attacked or bit by one...? Just his fear and the way he reacts... Fish and turtles he is ok with... Which is good since we have Mr Sinker...

Oh, walking down the street I see out of the corner of my eye something gold jumping out of the tank! Here a little goldfish completely FLEW through the air and was flopping all around on the ground! I start busting out laughing! Never seen that before!!! ;) but then again, those tanks were PACKED!!!

I swear these two can hear each other! One makes a noise and then the other makes one! One tattles and then 5 minutes later the other one is tattling!! They are siblings for sure!!! :) Ella still tries using tears every so often but it's not working so she really isn't doing that as much!

XJ is def completely deaf but Ella does hear every so often! In that village we visited there was a music store and a guy was playing an interesting type of flute... I think she heard it a little bc she was watching him and do very silent... Which is odd... She watches but not silently! ;) also, her noises she tries to make words, or atleast it sounds like she is trying. XJ makes noises, you can tell he can't hear... Not complaining, or comparing... Just things I'm noticing as the days go on! Still love them both just as much! :)

They both have been taking naps during the day which is great!

Tomorrow we also get our notary papers and will look over them to make sure they are correct! Praying his
Passport is ready by the time we need to leave Friday! :)
(picture, snack time in the window seat.. An orange and number crackers.. Just like animal crackers..)

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