Sunday, September 9, 2012

We got him!!

Well, we got him!!!! He's one handsome big dude!!!! ;)

He's solid!!! And I mean solid!!! But I love him!

He and Ella and doing really good so far... They are sitting in the window coloring in their books! :)

She's a little possessive of her bear and blankie, but she's doing very good! And so is XJ!!!

He is potty trained, but they put a diaper in him at night...

Also need to go buy him some underwear... ;) he does have two outfits and the photo book and toys we sent in care package, and Ella didn't...

He's quiet compared to Ella... He does make noises, but not as loud as her! ;)

Will sign more papers tomorrow morning to make him officially ours! :)
trying to get them to smile in pic! ;)

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