Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday, September 18th

Well, today was the day! :) we swore our kids in, basically bc they are too young we did it on "behalf of them".

Let's just say it didn't start out the greatest for me! I woke up at 1:30am not feeling so swell... My stomach was not feeling so great...

Got to go back to sleep but was still a bit uneasy when I woke up again. Decided to not eat breakfast but since I had a killer headache (migraine borderline) I ate half a banana so I could take an ibprophen and my probiotic.

I figured Satan was using this time to attack me since it was a big day and deal! This was the day they looked at all the paperwork to make sure it was all correct and that way they would be American citizens once we land! :)

But I wasn't going to let it get to me. I was much better tummy wise by the time we got there, still had a headache but it was bearable.

Everything was good, and then we walk out to meet Wensi and our driver... As we were waiting on driver Wensi got a call from "upstairs", saying that Ella's abandonment certificate wasn't 100% right. It didn't say where she was this last year. It stated where she was found and where she stayed after found, but was staying with another couple this last year. Sooo... Thankfully it was nothing we did or overlooked bc we didn't know!

Wensi dropped us off at hotel and then went right to get that paper that needed to be faxed and re-notarized and translated! Thankfully it's only those 2 papers!

As far as we know, as of now, it's taken care of! We got a call around 4pm that she was at notary office translating, so praying it's done and taken care of! Visas should be ready by 3:39 tomorrow and we will be in our merry way to Hong Kong!

We decided to take a taxi back to the Sha Mian (sp? Better figure out how to spell it correctly! ;)) Islands to pick up a few more things from that one shop.

Then we ate lunch there. After we got back to hotel I realized it wasn't a smart idea to eat lunch even though I was hungry! It wasn't a fun afternoon for me! Not trying to get personally but my tummy is DEF ready to be HONE!!! Trying not to do all fried foods, and do noddles and rice and such, but still...

This evening we decided to hit the fruit market we saw the other day from walking and bought some banana and a few oranges. So since I wasn't going to eat supper and Curt wasn't all that hungry, we gave the kids, an orange, banana, a yogurt drink and their styrofoam cookies! ;)

I should give them showed tonight but just don't have the energy!!! Will do that tomorrow night! :)

I also wanted to get some loose leaf tea before leaving. I um, I kinda mis-understood the dude. It was 28 for half a kilo. So I said I wanted 3 kilo. I didn't realize that half a kilo was ONE bag until after it was all bagged up! Curt was like I think one bag is half a kilo. I was like opps! ;) so we ended up with 17 bags of tea! :) which is all vacuumed sealed so it's all good! ;)

May not want to carry that stuff on though! And I still don't know kilo and meters! :) I did good with the military time though! :)

We have to check out of room by 2, and wait for driver to come pick us up between 3 and 3:10... Then he will take us to the consulate building where Wensi will be getting the kids visas. Then it's off to Hong Kong which she said is about a 3 to 3 1/2 hour drive.

Fly out Thursday morning and should arrive at BWI by 6:15 ish pm! Praying that the kids do good on flight and everything is on time. It's time to come home with these munchkins! Past time! :)

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