Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday, September 11,2012

Today we went to Panda World. It was really pretty!

Penny was saying they take SUPER good care of the pandas! There are only about 200-300 left in the wild... Not as much space as there used to be.

We saw 3 today. She said the government takes really good care of them bc they are so special to China. There is also a very rare kind of panda and it's all white. Honestly have never heard of an all white panda! They have the black and white kind and brown and white, and then the all white.

They has one named Bess (I think) there. She used to perform at the San Diego Zoo. Now she's 33, and in panda years penny said that's over a hundred years... :) can't remember the exact...

I guess Bess was really well known in the US. They had all kinds of pictures of her performing! :)

Then we got to see the red pandas do a gymnastics show! It was quite cute!! :) penny said that these pandas are REALLY hard to teach anything, so it's a big deal for them to perform like they did! :)

Got back to the hotel and I did a "load" of laundry.... I so miss my washer! Don't care about my dryer, I don't mind hanging things up to dry, but hand washing, ugh... It costs WAY to much to have hotel do it and the other day we had a load and it cost us 64$!!!! I think we are going to stretch our shirts out for the next 9 days!!! Hahaha!!! I'll wash undies and socks by hand, but shirts... Ugh... :) the kids shirts aren't so bad... But I know I'm not fully getting them clean like my washer at home! :)

Went out to KFC for lunch and then downstairs to the supermarket to get another Pepsi for the room.

Oh, up to the top floor to get Ella one more tee shirt... Didn't see any at
The supermarket... Which is like a Wal-mart bc they have everything! Except nail polish! Thought about bringing some for Ella but was thinking nah, that will give Curt a headache in a small hotel room... Never thought I could do it outside!! Haha!!!

(Melissa, if you are reading this, take some undies for your lil man! ;) Chances are, he's not going to have any! Or socks!)

Got them to take a nap again! :) and curt and I watched a movie!

Not sure where we will venture for
Supper tonight! The top floor in the mall has all kinds of restaurants! Most of them have pictures, which is WONDERFUL so we can just point! :)

Getting tired of eating out. I'm ready for a pb and j!!! :)

Nine more days and we will be home! I'm ready! I'm trying not to dwell on how many more days, but I'm just ready to be home to my familiar everyday things! I want to bring them
Home to meet (officially) the kids, get them to their rooms, their toys, and my washer and dryer! ;) seriously cherishing the time we have here in their province getting to know where they lived. I miss my littles! Can NOT wait to come home and be a family of eight! Wow!!! :D


Melissa said...

Got it! I will be packing underwear and socks for our guy. Maybe pull ups too...not sure. :)

bill said...

I remember washing "Everything" in the tub. Wasn't fun but that safety rail in the tube or shower was great to wrap around to ring out the clothes. We bought a hanging rack, one that hangs like a hanger and has lots of clothespins attached in a circle, maybe at the carefour in Guangzhou. Oh, and let us know if you stay at the Marriott China hotel. I have sum tips for ya.