Monday, September 3, 2012

Today's the Day!!!

Can't even begin to describe my feelings!!! I'm so excited but yet at peace about it all!!! I think that's why I was ok and understanding about not meeting her yesterday! We are covered by prayer and truly feel it! At least I do! ;) it's great knowing I've got family and friends praying for us on this awesome journey!!!! :) one I never thought I'd see the day! But it's here!!!! Praying that Ella will feel comfortable around us and start to understand what's going on!

Our guide Michael told us that this city is known for a few things... Liquor and waterfall... Guess I really can't buy one thing from here for her! Gonna try and visit the waterfall, but def not buying her liquor!!!! :) He also told us there is a wild monkey park!! I soooo wanna go!!! He said if Ella is up to it he would take us! Curt and I are saying we are going to waterfall and monkey park! :) praying we can!!

Will try to post pictures as soon as we can, but we have to go to lobby and get on the wifi and then VPN... Got NOTHING up in the room!! :/ not even a text will go through! Also not sure what time we will get back to this hotel with Ella! :)

I've got my gifts ready, my back pack is packed with 2 suckers (yes, I'll bribe if I have too), bubbles, crayons and coloring book, the little owl loveie I got from my FB secret pal, and the blanket I got from Gayle and their church, part of my church network! It's a prayer blanket, both Ella and Keegan have one and am so very thankful for them!!!

Thanks again for all your prayers!!! <3

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Bill and Toni said...

Praying for you guys!!! Hoping all goes very, very smoothly - transition into your family, first sleep, next week too, etc. To God be the glory - great things He has done!!
With love and prayer,
The Benton Bunch