Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday, September 6,2012

Today we went to a cave and I do NOT remember the name...

We had a different driver today bc we technically had an extra day of sight seeing. Which means we had to pay for him, he's cheaper than Mr Men! ;) Gavin would've LOVED this car, bright blue, sporty and had a transformer sticker on the window, a small one... ;)

I love driving out here bc they are either lost or seem lost! and LOTS of u-turns! ;)

We had our first "have to stop by the side of the road for Ella to pee" as well! ;) I couldn't get out on my side bc of the traffic so Curt got out with her and got her... It was taking a bit but I think that may be bc she isn't used to peeing alongside the road!! ;) so I got out and helped her finish... Thankfully I packed about 8 of those tissue packs and they have come in handy!!! ;)

Got to the cave just fine, seemed like they didn't know where they were going but we got there!

It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! We got to do a boat ride and then walked inside the cave! Just GORGEOUS!!!

Got out of the cave and was greeted by men and women who were selling corn. Boiled corn. Ella saw it and lit up and pointed. We figured it was about .16 1/2 cents for that corn. Curt asked Michael why it was so cheap? He said that they really only grow corn for the animals. He said they grow it and save some bc they know the tourists like it! I just laughed! ;)

Michael bought us some oranges. They were a bit green so I was like yeah these aren't going to be any good, but will eat them. Um I was WRONG!!! They were soft and super yummy! :)

On the way home we stopped off at the stone village. Basically the houses are made of stone so it's stone village! ;) Michael said that many people from the city will come here and spend a night or two at the family owned hotel. We weren't that far from city, we figured about 20ish miles I think. But it took over an hour to get there and about the same to get home. Traffic was bad on the way home!

Ella had fallen asleep while I was carrying her through the village. We walked down to the water and there were about 4 ladies cooking. The only thing I recognized was mini fish and mini crabs... Not sure what the other things were. Anyways, Michael bought a few of the fish... I couldn't bring myself to try it and honestly I don't regret not trying it! ;)

Curt was having a hard time at first bc it's the whole fish! You start at tail and work your way to the head! ;) Michael said he doesn't like the head but if you throw it on the ground and the cat will eat it! You also just eat the bones, which is also kinda weird.

It's so beautiful!!!

I was seriously thinking today was Wednesday! Slept better last night... Fell asleep about 9:15 and woke up at 2, but was able to go back to sleep almost right away! Which is a first since being here! I'll prob have my sleep schedule down pat and then we will be ready to leave to come home!! Haha!!!

Curt went to go to the street vendor right down the street to pick up Pepsi's and waved bye bye at Ella. All of a sudden she just started crying! :( so he picked her up and held her... so Curt gave her his phone to hold while he was gone! I sat and held her and we practiced signing XJ's name. Tried teaching her mommy and daddy but not fully getting that one yet! But that's ok! She knows shoes! And I love you! She's learning! She will get it I know! :)

Tomorrow, I honestly don't remember what we are doing or where we are going! :)

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