Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday, September 13th

The kids slept very well last night as did I!!! :)

Today we met Penny in the lobby and had to look over our notary paperwork to make sure it was all correct, and it was! :)

Then onto the Buddhist temple. Not gonna lie, it was beautiful. The buildings and artwork, wowzers!!! BUT, dislike the whole huge big fat Buddha and how they bow down to him/her! Also the incense (as we were told today by Penny, who is a Buddhist, she told us that the night she picked us up) is so the gods can see that someone is "wishing" something. Anywho... We walked through most of it, there was one part she said "tourists" aren't allowed to go through, it had to do with the dead.. I didn't catch all of what she said.

Everything is red and gold. Just makes me sick that they think by burning incense and bowing down to these gods that they will get what they want... They think their gods are the only way... There was a lady in one of the temples holding a necklace (reminds me of a rosary) and she kept saying the same thing over and over as she was holding this necklace and moving from one bead to the next. I guess it's their version of hail Mary?

We got back and the kids played for a bit and then out to lunch... Came
Back to the room so the kids could take a nap... I ended up falling asleep for a bit. But before I did we got a call from Penny. There was a mistake in our paperwork! I guess something about where Keegan was found...? I don't know. But three of the papers needed to be fixed.

Also found out that an officer needs to come with the passport and make sure it's really him... I again didn't hear the whole story, but they will check our passports as well. We are suppose to be out of our room at 2, and penny said the officers don't start until 3... So... We get to drop our bags off at the front desk and go sit in the meeting room where we got and meet
Keegan until we see Penny. Then our flight is I think she said 6:45, and I have no clue how long the flight is! But it took us about an hour and a half to get to our hotel from the airport!

Got some more oranges at the market downstairs of the mall! Super DELISH! Never thought that green oranges would be good! :)

Picked up some more of those letter
Cookies for the kids... Wanted some for the plane ride home... ;)

The kids are still doing really good! Keegan likes to tease Ella bc he knows it ticks her off! Seriously acting just like siblings!!!

I still swear they can hear each other! One will fuss at one and then vice versa!!! It's kinda funny!!!

Keegan and Ella's laugh are priceless!! You can just look at Keegan and he usually smiles right back at you!

Turned the tv on and superman was on, totally has their attention the whole
Time it was on! It was the cartoon version...

This hotel room is amazing!! Love
Being in a bigger room with the two and so close to the mall! Century Mart or market is the market downstairs of the mall and has everything you would need, minus pb, jelly, bread and pretzels! ;) I'm so ready for a pb and j!!!

Found a really good cheap restaurant upstairs 3rd floor in the mall... Don't know the name, but if you are looking at Secret Recipe, it's on the left! ;) I know most of you are like who cares if it's on the left or right? I'm
Informing peeps who will be here soon! ;) the orange pork is AMAZING!!! We got that, 2 orders of rice, an order of pork dumplings and 2 cokes for around 50 rmb or however you say it... Which is cheap for us! ;) if you want pork dumplings, it's the first one on the list under the picture... :) it's all written in Chinese but pictures are AWESOME, unless there is a selection! ;)

Kids are finishing up their snack and will be putting them to bed soon! Our last night in this province! Not going to lie, going to miss the hotel... :) but can't wait for the next stop bc it's the LAST one before we come home!!!

Oh, we are fine... Think a typhoon is hitting or did... But we just got a bit of wind and rain... Nothing bad!! :)
(pictures... Oranges.. With green skin... And couldn't see the mountains beyond the rain clouds...)

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Matt and Maria said...

Glad to hear that someone else has encountered mystery green oranges... When we lived in FL, I had an orange tree that produced only green oranges, and it was just luck that I cut one open to find a perfect, juicy, tasty orange orange inside. :)