Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sunday, September 9,2012


First of all, this room!! AMAZING!!!!!! Never in my wildest dreams!!! We are staying at a Westin, GORGEOUS!!!!!! The hotel that all the adoptive families normally stay at was completely booked. There is some liquor/cigarette convention or something going on all ALL the cities... So bummer for us, they put us in the Westin! ;) and this is very new!!! :))))

Today is our 12 year anniversary!!! What a day!! We get to celebrate by getting Keegan today!!! Can't think of a better way to celebrate! Staying at a Westin, had a SUPER breakfast, and gotcha day for Keegan!!!!

Trying to prepare Ella... Not sure how this will go... ;) really been showing her pics of him and signing XJ... Then had a hat out and his bear... She started to get the bear, but we shook our heads no, and signed XJ.... So we shall see!! :)

We have to go and make new copies of our visas... We're told last night that they need one after China has stamped it... Not sure why, it wasn't an issue at Ellas province. But oh well. We can make copies here in the hotel on the 3rd floor and then will meet Keegan there as well!!

She said the time will be 3:30, it is always 3:30 and always the hotel. Penny is our guide for this province.

She told us where we are going, and I already forget...

Our paperwork sounds like it will be longer here than Ella's as well... We have today, gotcha day, then Monday and Tuesday paperwork. Praying the passport will be ready on Friday!!! Ella's was ready by the next day! We got her Monday and on Tuesday when we went to sign the papers, we had her passport!

Praying the kids do good with all the paper work! Going to load up my book
Bag of things! But trying to save as much as possible for the plane ride
Home!!! I figured the more "new" stuff, the better it would occupy them! Do my felt things I made and stickers, sticky notes and 2 coloring books, will save those for the ride home! :)

It will be interesting to see how they interact with each other! I get the feeling she's going to be really shy towards him at first! But praying it will go smoothly and they will bond ok! And Praying they bond with the 4 at home waiting for them!!!

We are almost a family of EIGHT!!!!! :)))) I'm thinking we are gonna get a lot of looks out here with 2!!!! :)

Oh, when we got to the room last night they had a crib and an extra bed for us!!! They took the crib bc it's too small for Ella! But thought that was awesome that they has them in here for us! :)

I need to get pics of the lobby!!! Holy cannoli!!!!

Feels weird staying at this nice of a hotel!!!! Gonna soak it up bc it will be THE ONLY time we stay at a super nice hotel!!! ;)

The pics, there is a window seat and she has kept herself occupied with that for almost an hour now!!! :) right now she's got her prayer blanket and folding it and laying it out... ;)
She has 2 dresses that were in her bag... So I put her in one today! :)

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