Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday, September 16th

Yay! The kids slept in a little bit!!! :)

We went to Shemian (sp?) Island today. Not really an island. ;)

We got to sit in on a church service but then time wise we had to leave to eat and then meet our guide again. We walked around and some guy came up and handed us all a little pamphlet and then we stood outside the church. Curt put our two bags we had on the ground and we were standing there and all of a sudden a women came over and grabbed our bags and motioned for us to follow her. Curt and I look at her like uh ok. He kept up with her and I was walking slower bc I had the kids! :) I was like oh no, if she is taking us a back way to the front of the church we are doomed! But we were in a building right next to the church that was "overflow" seating. Only a few people were sleeping... ;) but it was neat to see all the people there! It was mandarin and then someone was translating it in English. They had two services in the morning and one at night.

So we had to get up and leave after a while, plus we could see the kids were about ready to start a fight so we left before it happened!! Haha... They both Wanted to be on Curts lap and neither one of them was going to let the other win... So, time to leave... Plus we has to find someplace to eat and then meet Wensi at 1:30. We ended up at Subway. Which, the kids don't like. Atleast Ella ate the meat, but that was it! They came over to our spot and thought we were going to give them chips! We didn't bc they didn't eat, plus we are saving them for us for a snack tonight! :)

On the way to eat someone came up to us and said come to my shop it's right down here. We said maybe in a minute we need to eat. We decided to go back and actually glad we did! It's a couple with a little boy and they "know God", as she said. She held up her cross necklace and said we go to church right there. Which was the one we were at! :) curt got an instrument called a Calabash flute. The guy makes them! It's beautiful!!! Has a beautiful sound! We also bought this dudes cd! :) got a few other things and then she said ok you can pick out free necklace or bracelet, so I got a bracelet! :) she said thank you, you good customers! Their English was really good... Praying for this couple and boy that God continue to bless them!

Then back to the hotel... The kids are napping. Ella finally fell asleep! :)

Going to pearl market tomorrow after they get checked for their tb test. Wensi said I'm sure they will pass... :)

Did one last "load" of hand washing. I'm so OVER that!!! :) Thank you Jesus for washing machines and the fact I wasn't born before washing machines!!! :) hang drying, no problem I don't mind, but hand washing? No thank you! :)))

Not sure what we are going for supper...? Not sure where we will venture out too?

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