Friday, September 7, 2012


Wow, talk about another heart breaking moment!!!

We went to KFC for lunch and it was packed, so we walked around the back to find a spot to sit. We discovered there's a mini play area back there. (we always have sat in the front so we didn't see it!) we ate and then let her play. She had no idea what the slide was! It really isn't much taller than her, so it's not huge! But she was very hesitant to go down!

Curt got a few pics on his phone! She LOVED it then!!! We both were sitting on the floor in the play area and then got yelled at by an employee... Pointed to our shoes... Opps... So we took off Ella's shoes and sat right beside play area and just watched her! She kept going up the stairs and down the slide! She thought it was THE closest thing!!! :)

Then a little boy, prob 5ish, came in to play. I said ok watch her she prob won't go back up the stairs. She saw the little boy after she went down the slide, she stopped dead and her facial expression totally changed from smiling and laughing to being completely subdued. It took a bit but got her to go back up, she played for another 5 minutes and then we left!

She does know what ice cream is though! :) Curt wanted to get a hot fudge sundae, so I shared one withe her! She gobbled it down!

Praying that when she sees Kotah, Gavin, Skylar and Thad she's ok! It may take a little but I know she'll be fine! We've been able to FaceTime and she's seen them, so praying that helps! :)

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