Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday, September 15th

Ahhh what a day yesterday!!!

We got the call from Penny that some things had changed. We still needed to be out of the room at 2, but we had to go to the police station to get XJ's passport instead of officer coming to the hotel room. Which really was better bc we would've had to be in an office room from a little before 2, til after 3, not cool with 2 littles! ;)

So we checked out and stayed in the lobby for about an hour... Then she came and we got the new paperwork and then she said ok your agency just called me and Curt is like oh no... I'm standing there like an idiot like
Cool good news.. Bahaha... NOT!!!! Our flight had been cancelled! And the new flight was at 10:15... So she said our agency asked if there was anything we wanted to do after we got XJ's passport.

Which by the way was too easy!!! Went there sat and waited for 5 minutes the officer came down we signed and he didn't even look at our passports! :)

Penny said there's a national Forrest or the beach close to the airport. We decided beach and oh so glad we did!!! It was GORGEOUS!!!!! The kids had fun playing in the sand and we got a few pictures! :) our driver was being such a sweet old guy, basically acting like a grampa to them!! :)

Then she said we could eat outside the airport at a Chinese restaurant or the KFC (which was inside the airport)...We said if you have time let's do the Chinese... It was soooo good!!! Fried noddles and rice!!! YUMMIES!!!! There were 2 restaurants beside each other, she said one is cheap and the other more expensive, we said
Cheap! ;)

Then we got to the airport and by the time we got our tix and security we had to wait for about 2 1/2 ish hours... Then our gate got switched a few times... Finally we got on the plane and Keegan was a champ! He did GREAT!!! Ella on the other hand not the greatest! She still dislikes seat belts.. Although out here we actually wear them in the van and she's doing better... But she fell asleep in the plane and then woke up and wasn't too happy! The last 30 minutes she cried and fussed.. And of course nothing I could do... I feel kinda bad bc people around me are prob thinking why aren't you talking to her to calm her down? Um yeah, I can't! I rubbed her leg and blew in her face a little to get her attention! ;) as soon as we were pretty much at the gate I took her seat belt off and held her... XJ thought it was pretty cool! Praying he does that well on the flight home! :)

Today... Had to meet in the lobby at 8:30 so we could get to clinic by 9... It's pretty much first come first serve. We were the second family and was in and out right away!

They checked them out, then they went to another room for their ears and mouth.. Then I about busted out laughing at their hearing test. A squeaky toy in each hand behind their ears and then he squeaked it. They didn't budge. Then another part for their height and weight and temp. Then sat down for a little so they could do their TB test! Which they did NOT budge or fuss at all! :))) then we were done! Back to hotel and went ahead and got all our paperwork do we wouldn't have to deal with it tomorrow...

Sigh.. We somehow left out notarized vaccine paper at home! I accidentally put their names on it and I wasn't supposed to but we found out it was ok. Well... Somehow that paper didn't make it back into the envelope of papers.. We both are a little disappointed and mad at ourselves for leaving it. But I'm choosing not to let it get to me. Satan is trying to attack this last part of our journey and it won't work! My God is bigger and better and He will win!!!

Even the cancelled flight didn't get to me really! It really could be so much worse and everything is going so well!!! Feeling the prayers by everyone and I can NOT thank you enough!!! Praying the consulate will go ok and we can get that paper worked out and the visas will go through and we can be on our merry way home on the 20th! :)

Tomorrow we are going to the Shaiman Island (sp?)... Walking and shopping.. After that, I don't know! ;)

We walked a little bit and found the Starbucks here in the hotel and a Mickey d's.. Which was lunch! Will venture across the street for some
Chinese or something for supper.

Kids are napping after a very exhausting day yesterday! But they did good!

My God is so good and thank Him for all He's done!!! Can't believe we have 6 kids!!!! I'm def not worthy of any of them but oh so thankful my God has blessed me with each and everyone of them!!! Love them all and can't wait to get home!!! Less than a week now! :D

Picture... Watching the planes come
And go! :)

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