Wednesday, September 5, 2012


So I had a bit of a breaking point yesterday...
Just a lot of emotions. It caught up to me.
Went for a walk yesterday and passed a woman that had a look on her face. Not one we've seen yet. She's was from country, or poor, or both, I dunno. Her clothes were different than everyone else, she has the basket on her back. Both Curt and I thought the look she gave us was one of, is she mine? She didn't give that look to anyone else either.
We've gotten looks, but not like this one.
Just watching her and Curt play around and I started to cry a little.
How could anyone get rid of a little girl as beautiful as her just because she can't hear? Seriously? It breaks my heart! She's SMART and catches on very quickly! ;)
But Curt said sometimes they have to, they don't have a choice.
I'm ready to get Keegan and come home. Show them their room, their toys and their family.
There were a few families in Beijing that had more than one child, but not very many.
I've seen a sad look on all the pregnant ladies faces here where we are, and I've passed quite a few.

We are now officially a family of 5, VERY soon to be 6!!!! Seems so odd to think we just "bought a kid". Can't quite wrap my brain around that fully. But she is loved just like my other 4! :)

So those are my ramblings for now! :)

Today we leave at 2 for the park, which I'm pretty sure is the wild monkey park!
But this morning we will walk down the street to see if we can find a kids clothing store and buy her some undies and socks! :)

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