Sunday, September 2, 2012


Well we got here, got our luggage and found our guide, Michael, and in the car he tells us that we won't be meeting Ella today! :( something literally JUST changed yesterday or day before about the process, (government) etc... Soooo.....
It's now another day before we can meet her!!! Really bummed, but am ok! It could TOTALLY be worse, so I am so thankful!!!
We walked around Guiyang a bit this afternoon.. I stopped counting how many looks we got! I think EVERY person we walked by just stared at us!!! And on the plane we were the only people who didn't have black hair! ;)
We decided to eat at KFC we both thought it sounded good... We figured out you needed to walk in the building and go up the stairs... Got up there and we're like, uh, how are we going to order? This should be fun! We couldn't point to anything on the menu... Curt said crispy chicken and the girl just looked at him like I have NO CLUE what you just said!!! So she held up her hands and went and got a picture menu... We pointed to the crispy hot wings... It wasn't a combo.. So then he says Pepsi... Held up 2 fingers...
So what we each got was basically a snack!!! Hahaha!!!! We didn't know there was only TWO small pieces of chicken and of course the pop!!! We each had a wing and leg, both were not the big size, but the little ones!! It was too funny!!
Nice room, we are on the 13th floor... Loved getting in the elevator as someone let out a huge puff of smoke... Then I see on the wall in elevator, NO SMOKING! Hmm... But have noticed that means pretty much NOTHING out here!!! Our room last night was smoky and had 2 ash trays, which didn't the night before...? And def smelled smoke in the plane over here! Crazy!!!
So, tomorrow around 3:30, that's our GOTCHA DAY!!!! :)
(the pictures are, the chandelier in the lobby and view from our room!)

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Martha Helmuth said...

This reminds us how nice it is to have NO SMOKING in public enforced here in Indiana. I remember when in Lithuania people smoked where they wished. Enjoy your "extra day" of waiting. ~Aunt Martha