Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday, September 17th

Got to take our time again this morning and not rush.

Got to FaceTime the kids before we ate. Then we had to go to the clinic to have the kids TB tests checked. They passed! Woot! :)

Then we went to the Pearl Market. Which was, WOWZERS!!!! :) thankfully Wensi took us to the REAL jade store and REAL pearl store! Or I would've totally been lost! Got a strand of pearls for Ella to wear on her wedding day which is tradition out here.... Although I'm not sure I'm gonna wanna give them up! ;) someone mentioned that they got 2 bracelets out of a strand of pearls! Duh, why didn't I think of that? Kinda kicking myself in the butt now!!! :/ oh well...

Got all of my girls and myself a jade bracelet as well. They will get those on their 16th birthday. I got the boys a jade necklace and they will get those on their 16th as well... I got those in Ella's province... Each one has an animal on it. Not the same type of jade as the bracelets. The kids don't know they are getting those... Will prob let the cat out of the bag in Kotahs 16th! :) actually I don't even want to THINK about her turning sixteen... :(

Then back to the hotel. Ate some lunch and then the kids took a nap.

We decided to take a taxi to the Beijing Market street. Got there and some guy came right up to us and wanted us to follow him. We did but then when he took us down an alley and tried to get us into a place that had a gate I was like um, no. There was also a security guard shaking his hands no... Um yeah... Then we were like no.. He kept following us trying to get us to go in another way... We kept walking... Then he tried to get us to go into another alley that had shops, but wanted us to go and follow him. We FINALLY lost him! But got hit up by about 5 other guys that has the same cards trying to get us to follow them. We shook our heads and said no and keep walking.

I did buy 3 bracelets. And got 5 yen off... ;)

Trying to hail and GET a taxi was a bit more challenging... But we did and we got back to hotel! Decided to hit the "mall" beside our hotel to get a few more things we couldn't find but knew were there! Want to go back to that shop where we got Curts calabash flute tomorrow. We see that it's right by the consulate office so will ask Wensi if we can hit it really fast before
Coming back to hotel! :)

Before coming back to the room we let the kids play a bit at the outside playground to run off a bit of steam since we made them walk all those shops! ;)

Now it about time for them to go to bed since we have to get up and be at the lobby at 7:30 tomorrow morning!

Pray that traffic will be ok tomorrow! Found out that the 18th is a big day out here, something about a war...? I have no clue, I didn't hear the whole story! :)

Also, that getting that vaccination paper won't be too big of a deal and all the other paperwork is good so we can get their Visas!!! :)

Found out another family forgot the same paper as us and their appointment is Wednesday... So not feeling as bad but still.. Ugh... I know Satan is attacking bc he's not too happy with us, but now it's water off a ducks back! We have 2 more kids and I love them both just as much as my 4 back home waiting!!! :)

I'm a mother to SIX kids!!!!! Who knew??!! ;) I think it will really hit me when I get home... Right now it just seems so... I dunno... I can't explain it. ;)

We leave here Wednesday to drive to Hong Kong, which is about 3ish hours we think... :) then fly out of HK Thursday morning! Have no idea what time we leave here Wednesday.. Will figure that out tomorrow! Just praying that the last few steps are good to go and flights are good! :)

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