Monday, September 10, 2012


We aren't going to Keegan's orphanage which is good and bad. I kind of am glad and disappointed...

Good news is I was watching Keegan interact with the director and it all seemed good! Now I am no doctor but I can tell when a kid is not comfortable or feels they are in danger when around an adult.

The director was def interacting with him, playing and he seemed as if it was an everyday thing for him! Whew!!!

We never got any pics of him and his care package which also had us worried a little, just hearing different things about his orphanage... But it's all good! He came to us with his two outfits, toys and a disposable camera! So am very anxious to get those developed! He also took our emails and said he would email us LOTS more pictures! So am pretty excited to see those as well.

Now, not gonna lie, and I don't want this taken the wrong way... Because I somewhat expected some of this by looking at his picture...

His referral wasn't 100% accurate... Of course Ella's wasn't either, they said she was shy and timid, bahaha!!! That's funny!!! She was also said to
Be very quiet! Again, VERY funny!!! She's def a little 3 yr old girl! She cries to try to get what she wants, which doesn't work, she is getting better this evening, but a little jealous of Keegan. But we've treated her the same and everything! :)

Now back to Keegan... His right foot, I don't want to say its club, but it isn't straight.. I'm thinking a brace would help take care of it? Also, he is a little slow, but like Ella, a fast learner!! He catches on pretty quick! He's a little slower than her in dressing and things like that. But again, it's all good! I love him just as much! He's a precious lil man and I can't picture my life without him, or Ella!!! I'm so very thankful that God has brought these two kids in my life!! I can NOT wait to get home!!

The paperwork was the same, but yet different. We had to go to the adoption office today to sign papers and be interviewed by the officer... Then more signing with our fingerprints, then onto the notary office to be asked the same
Questions as the officer... Oh, a gift to the officer and then the notary...

It took less than 2 hours! That's the time it took to get there too! Which took about 30 minutes from our hotel! So it's completely different than Ella's province, but all good! :)

Panda World tomorrow!! :)

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