Friday, September 21, 2012


Wow! We are finally home!!! Can't believe that journey we were on! But it's not over! Our journey in China is over... For now. ;) not sure what else our awesome God has in store!!!

I kept thinking on that plane ride, 3 weeks is just too long, 15 hours, can't and won't do that again!!! BUT, seeing them home! I would! To bring one more child to a forever family, I would travel! I may not do another 3 week trip, but if God calls us to do this again, I would!

It has been a journey! God was def in the center of it and I could feel the prayers of everyone!

Last night was a slight struggle... We were home a bit later than originally bc the plane had some maintenance that needed to be done...

We got them home and Kotah was the only one awake!!! ;) got them upstairs and ready for bed. Keegan started crying, which is not like him! I've never seen tears in his eyes and he had some last night! :( but after about 5 minutes he calmed down. Gavin had woken up, or more like I woke him.. ;) so Keegan saw him.

Wondering if he thinks he's in another home bc there are more boys now and he felt threatened... Or bc it's a new place? Thinking its both!

But he settled, he finally fell asleep after midnight.

Ella on the other hand, she was a bit more of a challenge! It didn't help that both of them had fallen asleep on the hour and 15 minute flight home, and both had fallen asleep on the way home from airport. But there was no way to keep them awake!

She finally fell asleep after 1am... After skylar had come downstairs so very sleepy saying, can you please come tell Ella to stop making noises and crying so I can go back to sleep?

I said I'm sorry honey, go sleep in Kotahs bed and I'll come take care of Ella. So I slept in skylars bed and Ella finally settled down.

I got up at 4:30 to go to the bathroom and heard her so got her to go. She wouldn't budge until she saw me walk back into the room and lay back in bed. She settled back down and slept for a bit more. I think I got about 2 hours of sleep last night! But it's all good! I only slept about an hour in the 15 hour flight dealing with Ella and Keegan. (so im going on about 5ish hours of sleep since thursday morning... Which was actually wednesday night..;)) Curt had gotten a headache after a while so he slept which was good. We had a couple sitting behind curt who offered to move to where Ella and I were so we could be back to back instead of a row in between, which was wonderful!!! There was an older guy who was a grandpa sitting next to me and Ella totally took to him! When Curt was getting a headache he was sitting in that row with Keegan, so this guy helped cover him with the blanket and helped him with his supper, or his lunch or whatever meal we were eating! ;)

After about 3 hours left in the 15 hour flight Ella decided she didn't want the seatbelt on. And let's just say EVERYONE knew it. She had fallen asleep so when she woke she was mad.

I had some older Chinese lady talk to me, I gathered that she wanted me to pick her up and hold her, but I didn't want her out of her seat. Or her seat belt, she cries when she wants something and we think she got her way once she had tears streaming down her face... Anywho...
I finally picked her up bc I didn't know what else to do. She was so worked up she was fighting me a bit. Finally got her calmed down and got her to go to the bathroom and then she fell asleep... Sweet sleep!!! ;) she also sat on my lap those last 3 hours...

The last hour Keegan was done. He just got a look on his face and was trying to get his seatbelt off. I put it back on and then put a pillow over it and held his hand. Put a movie on for him and he was ok. But he was so tired!!! He didn't sleep as much as Ella and it showed! He didn't want to eat the breakfast before landing either, felt so bad for him!!

How do you explain to then both that we are getting on a plane... For a LOOOONG time, that we are going home! But they did good!!

I was in tears when that lady left as I was holding Ella. I was thinking wow, I can't do this... Three more hours plus one more flight. But after 20 minutes I got over it. Just had to cry a bit. It's been a crazy journey and again, if God call us, I'd do it again! But in that moment, sleep deprived, didn't think I could! God gave me the strength and so thankful He is my rock!

Pastor BJ came and got us and drove us home! DeAnna had the kids.

So thankful to everyone who watched and stayed with the kids!!!! Can't express my thanks enough!!!! And for everyone who prayed for them as well since we were gone so long!!!

The journey in China is over, but our journey here has only just begun! Can't wait to see what God has in store for all SIX of my kids!!! :) still hasn't hit me that I've got 6 kids! I feel as if they've been apart of this family for so long that it's just nothing different! Or maybe I'm just so sleep deprived it hasn't hit! But my heart is so full!!!

Not too many fights, although once they really get to know each other it may happen, but for now, they are all getting along!

Here's to the 1st day at home! :)

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