Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday, September 7,2012

Today we went to Guizhou Museum. It was really neat! It was basically history of this area, and learned a bit more about where she's from. She really paid a lot of attention to a certain type of dress. I posted the pic in another blog, we thought it was long horn but could be wrong... I can't remember...

Then downstairs there was a store offhand carvings out of jade, he said it was a purple jade, but it wasn't purple. It's more brown and light green. But there are layers, I so wish I could've taken a pic but I wasn't allowed! :(

We bought the boys a necklace and got one for Ella since its from her province. I also got a sliver flower ring, but bummer, it's too big for her now, so I'll wear it til she can! ;)

Then we went to a pavilion. I'm honestly thinking a pavilion, ok. But my version of pavilion is not there's! It's a tower. Got to walk all the way to the top, so pretty!! Then we walked around a bit. Curt was holding Ella and tried to put her down but she somewhat flipped out, she wanted to be held. She just had a look on her face of uncertainty.

We got a book on this area and Curt just said that the tower we were at is THE place to go. I think there's a school inside as well. We left at noon, and there were a TON of kids with backpacks...

We don't fly out til 4 something tomorrow... Not sure what time we are leaving here...

Had laundry picked up last night and getting dropped off tonight at 7, and Michael is coming with our papers that were being notarized. So we will have all our paperwork that we need! :)

(pictures.. Got Ella to take a nap!!! :))) and the ring I got today at the museum..)

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