Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Night

We survived the first night! :)

I guess I'll start from the beginning since I haven't posted yet! :)

Michael came to our room around 2:45 so we could get our American money into Chinese. Then we get in the car and do a few u-turns... Not sure they also know where they are going...? I dunno.... ;)

Get into the building and walk in. Oh, Michael told us she was already there and we had about another 10ish minutes to get there.

Curt was the first one in and I barely see this little head sitting on a mans lap, she had her hair in pigtails sink was like that's not her, so I kinda look around the room to see her, when I hear him say momma pappa... And I was like Ahh that's her!!! :) I didn't really recognize her bc she factually had hair and it was up!!! :)

She came right over to me and I knelt down to her. I just rubbed her back and little and then was like oh I've got stuff in my bag! So I pulled out the little owl lovie that I got from my FaceBook secret pal... Then we move into another room and sat down on a couch. Michael was going around getting some paperwork ready for us to sign.

She did so very well! I had absolutely NO idea what to expect so I was bracing myself for the worse, but they did VERY well at preparing her for us!!! So super thankful! And I'm sure all the prayers had a HUGE help as well do thank you!!!! :)

I got out the coloring book I brought and she knew what to do! Went right to work! It kept her happy for about 30 minutes while Curt was signing some papers! I also gave her the white bear from my Aunt Tina. Their class is doing a project by passing out bears, and then the person is supposed to take pictures where they travel to with the bear. So we got two, a white bear and a brown one. :) they even went to the great wall with us! ;)

She was very quiet with us but bonded very well! She's a bit more with Curt but he was tickling her and playing more with her... She's such a doll and love her so much! Can't wait to bring her home! :)))

She's potty trained, which I wasn't sure if she would be! She can drink from a cup, and kept dry last night! She still drinks milk, but they said a nestle formula... They gave us about 4 little bottles of the milk she's drinking and it didn't look thick like it had any formula in it, so may be able to just give her milk...

They said she did get sick in the car on the way over, it was 3 hours for her, do the plane ride may be fun! Praying on that one already and going to find some extra bags just incase! ;)

Today we go back at 10 to sign more papers. We has to sign one that said yes we will watch her for 24 hours til we sign the paperwork. Well duh, I'm keeping her FOREVER!!! ;) just thought that one was a little funny! :)

An hoping we will be able to go to the waterfall and the wild monkey park! This child needs to get out! She totally opened up after we got back to hotel. She was a bit quiet but quickly got vocal and bouncing off the walls! She will totally fit in!! I was wondering if she would be shy and she may be a little at first with the kids, but she will want up pretty quickly! :)

Praying that Keegan will go as smoothly as she did!

She went to the bathroom shortly after getting back to the room and saw the tub and pointed and stripped down! She LOVES baths! Which I wasn't sure about either! But she SCRUBBED herself down! :)

We decided to go ahead and walk to KFC and try to get some chicken, a bucket of it! ;)

Weren't sure if she'd eat it, but she did! She ate 2 legs, a roll and some of he corn on the cob!

Came back to the room and played for a bit and then decided to go to the mall to see how much a hello kitty toy was. Found one and got it and walked back to the room. She loved looking at all the lights on the buildings and the signs that lit up! :)

We played for a bit and got pjs on and put her bed at 8:30 and she settled down after we laid down which was shortly after. She was sleep by 8:45, and up at 1:30 to pee, then right back to sleep. Up at 6:00ish... Got her dressed and we got our showers and went to eat. Gave her noodles, rice and fruit and banana bread. Loves banana bread! :)

Got my iPad from our room to try and FaceTime with the kids which it froze but they could still hear us so it's good! :) then some ladies started talking with us and trying to talk to her... Then they found out we just got her and they were all shocked how well she's attached to us and how she's doing!

We went outside and blew some bubbles for a bit... Now about ready to go and sign more papers! And then I don't know what!

So far it's going better than I imagined but I was expecting the worse! Yes it's only day one, but I'm so thankful!!! :)

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Rachel said...

What a beautiful sweet girl. She is precious!!