Monday, September 3, 2012


As if we weren't stupid enough the first time to try and order food... We went BACK to the mall to get some DQ! :)

Walked in and went downstairs and turn a corner and I hear a hi! So I said hi back. Then he says how are you? I just walk and say fine... He then comes around and starts talking to Curt and I. He wanted to carry on a one minute conversation with us to practice his English. He wants to come to America to a university. We asked what his name was and didn't get it at first, then he said it again and it was Achilles. (sp?)

He then said bye, nice to meet you and he said he needed to go meet his friends. So off he goes and we walked up to DQ... Duh... Should've asked him to help us!!! :) but we did fine. The lady got out the picture menu and she spoke some English! We got what we ordered and it was good!

When the guy handed it to us, he flipped them upside down! I'm sure my eyeballs just about popped out! I'm like what is he doing??? So we sat down and I was like is that all about? Curt said they used to do that and if they didn't, your blizzard was free, then they stopped doing it... Well later I realized if I read the cup I would've gotten the answer! :) then the guy did another order and had 3! :)

I also threw our tray of trash in the trash can at KFC, and got the tray snatched out of my hands... Curts like um I think you just did their job. Then at DQ there was not one trash can! Just seems odd that a fast food restaurant gets your trash for you, you just leave it on table...

It's beautiful outside! The lights are awesome on the buildings and it's sooooo busy!!!! It's more busy at night! I can't wrap my brain around the fact that it is Sunday, bc at home, things close at 5... :)

We have two options for the tv, the rest are in Chinese.. Which can be fun trying to interpret and make our own lines... It's either HBO or some other movie channel... ;)

This prob won't get posted until tomorrow since I'm too lazy to go downstairs to post... ;) We have no WIFI in our room...

This pic isn't the best, I have more on my camera, but wasn't going to open window and stick my hand out window holding my iPad... Just my luck I'd drop it 13 stories!! With the camera, I had strap around my neck, then stuck my head out window! :)

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