Monday, September 10, 2012


I forgot to mention in the other blog that the director at Keegan's orphanage kept calling our guide Penny yesterday. He was very concerned about XJ bc it's been a SUPER long time since a BOY has been adopted from his orphanage!

Today he bought a little Mickey mouse backpack for him and gave it to him today! So it was an extra gift that he didn't have to do and he did! :)

I also saw him giving the Disney bag that it was in and he pointed to snow white and did a sign, then one of the aristrocat , he did another sign and then did one for Mickey. So it was like he was trying to do some signs for him!

Working on bathroom with him! He knows shoes and I love you, just like Ella! So we are trying! :)

I'm happy to say that I know another lil adorable boy will have his forever home next month (from Keegan's orphanage)!! :) can't wait for that family!!! :) wish I could go and get some pics for you though! :( but soon he will be in your arms!!! <3

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