Friday, September 7, 2012


Not gonna lie, a little tired of noodles and rice for breakfast! ;)

We have a buffet of food for breakfast, but not really "breakfast" food, or what we consider breakfast... Eating LOTS of watermelon and honeydew bc it's sooooo good here!!!! :)))

Today, a first... I grabbed some banana bread, watermelon, honeydew and another type of bread something... I decided why not? I got a small plate and grabbed some baked beans and put some fried rice with egg with the beans. So that's a first for me, baked beans for breakfast! ;)

Ella woke up about 2 am and I heard her whimpering and by the time I got to her she started crying! :( I got her calmed down but not sure why she was crying! Other than that we all slept good!

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