Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Almost a Week

We've almost been home a week and have seriously been wanting to sit down and blog, but um, well...  yeah...  ;)

Friday was a good day.  just stayed home, and unpacked, started the laundry, already had supper in the frig for us, so all I had to do was lunch and put supper on the table!  Not gonna lie, that was AWESOME!  :)

Prayed that they were NOT allergic to peanut butter, if they were, we were gonna have a prob!  :)  I made pb and j and I THOROUGHLY enjoyed my sandwich, not gonna lie!  :)  I didn't even have to ask if Curt wanted one either! 

Thankfully Ella and Keegan ate it and gobbled it down!  They loved it!  YEA!!!!!!  :)

That night for bed a was a bit better than Thursday night..  I think Thursday was so hard for Keegan b/c he wasn't sure where he was, there was more kids, more boys, and they were all together!  But he did better!

Saturday we got up and around and decided to hit our famous Satuday spot, the Donut Shop...  Ms Minnie was super happy to see us and didn't expect us this week!  So she was the first to "officially" meet the kids!  They also liked the dounts!  Ella ate the icing off the top of hers first though!  ;)

Then on to the car show! Weren't going to stay long, just a little bit to see how they would do, but I am telling you what!  Other than a shy look from Ella at one time b/c it got a little too huggie for her, meaning, she got too many hugs..., they did great!  Infact, it seemed as if they had been with us since birth!  Other than not knowing what a few games, and face painting and jumpy house were, they loved it!  We also weren't going to stay past lunch, but ended up staying.  Bought them a hot dog and they both took the hot dog out of the bun, ate that, then took the bun tore it in half and dipped that into their ketchup!  :)  But they ate it!  :)

Had to run into Target to get a few things, then home, and naps.

Gave them all showers and to bed that night just fine!  No probs, no tears, no nothing!

Up and ready and to church before 9:10!  WOOT!!!!  Might be the ONLY time we get there that early, but gonna take it!  :)  Got them all signed in and Skylar had Keegans hand and Thad had Ella, and off they walk, not even a backwards glance to tell us bye, nothing!  Which is good and bad!  ;)  I did follow Ella and Thad, they walked right into their Pre-K room...  I was wondering how Thad would as well, b/c it's his first Sunday in there...  he was in the toddler, but they are both potty trained and 3 and should be in the Pre-K room...  They did great!  And I checked in on Keegan and he was fine!  Ms Necie grabbed him and was showing him things!

I did get up to check on them once, and Ella was standing off during the cirlce of story lesson...  But that's bc she couldn't hear and didn't understand what was going on...  But the teachers did tell me she did GREAT, as soon as they were done, she got right back in and was playing and coloring!

Keegan did awesome as well!  Was also informed by EVERY teacher and helper in that back room that he was making noises to the beat during their worship!  :) I asked if the music was loud enough that you could feel vibrations through the floor, and yes you could, so that might have helped him!  ;)  But to the beat?  This child has trouble walking, but doing much better!  :)

We only went to 1 service, came home, relaxed for a bit and then headed out to Gilbert Run for the church picnic!  They had sooooo much fun!!!  Again, it's like they have been here with us! :)

Let's just say they slept GREAT that night!  No one woke up before 6 am!  Of course, Ella only had about an hour and half nap, so that prob helped!  :)

Ella still gets up around 5ish, some days it has been 4, but she is still adjusting, and praying it stops soon!  :)

I have been up and showered before 7am everyday, which is a first before traveling to China!  Its weird, I'm ready to go!  I mean today we were ready and out the door at 9:30!!!  :)

Monday Curt had to go out and was going to be home, hopefully, around 2-3...  I decided to brave and go out, we needed a few things from Target, again...  Also Giants since I had to cook some supper.  I pulled the mac and cheese that was in the freezer out, and then baked some chicken and okra to go with.  curt didn't get home until 6, but it was a good day.  I was extremely tired and Gavin and Skylar were at it a bit, but the more i thought about it, it was an adjustment for them too, and they always act up a little when Curt is gone...  They were used to having him here for a few days, and then back to work...

Tuesday we stayed home and i got some school work done with the older 3...  At first I was like oh no, I can't do this!  WHY in the WORLD am I HSing??  HELP!!!!!!  Only b/c they were ALL at the table, but Ella and Keegan wanted to be apart, and they had no clue what was going on!  Again, its a first...  So they got some paper and colored and Keegan discovered the eraser on his pencil!  Ah-ha!  That was so fun and the look on his face when he erased!  It was AWESOME!!!  We didn't get as much schoolwork as I wanted too, but hey, we got some!  Big accomplishment I tell myself!  :)

Wednesday, back out!  Target had Avenger comforters on sale and we had a gc, the boys need one, and they liked it, and it was one sale, bonus right?  So I went to the one here in La Plata, and got one, and rain check for 2 more...  Then off to the church to make some copies for our one month Social Worker visit, then we went to the mall.  My mom had taken the kids to Crazy Eights to pick out an outfit for Ella and Keegan and they got shorts for keegan, I asked if we could get a long sleeve on and they were like yes!  So I exchanged that and got a few more shirts with the gc I had from there, then walked down and let them play fora  bit.  Figured they were being good, let them get some engery out!  Boy was it busy!  But they played great and I didn't keep counting to make sure i had all 6 either!  :)

Walking back upstairs and went over to the escalator and I see 2 ladies sitting in the chairs and one said, Oh my g^&!  How many kids does she have?  Ok, she was obviously NOT talking to me, but I answered her, I said six, and I smiled and kept walking.  I'm not sure she wanted an answer from me b/c she did give me a look, but hey, whatever! You gonna make a comment loud enough for me to hear, expect a response!  AND I was nice!  :)

Then since we were right there I decided to hit that Target and see if they had the comforters, which they did!  :)  Got a LOT of looks at that Target!  Wowzers!  I think a few people may have lost their jaws and their eyes!  ;) 

The kids have been collecting acorns, and I told them i would buy a wreath so we could glue them on there for the front door, so we hit Michaels to buy one.  Plus I remembered I had those flowers from dad's casket, and I've been wanting to make a wreath out of them, and haven't!  So I bought one of those grapevine ones to make myself one!  :) 

Stopped off at Giants to get gas since I had 10 cents off, woot!  Then home!  Made them play outside while I made lunch, let them eat outside...  They played a bit more and laid them down...  I honestly haven't been upstairs to see who's sleeping, but by footsteps I can tell you that Keegan, Gavin and Ella ARE asleep!  Thad is laying in Kotahs bed and she is jsut up there reading... I have Skylar in our bed and I don't hear her anymore, so she may be sleeping now...  but am not opening the door to check, incase she is asleep, I don't want to wake her!  :)

It's been a good day!  Almost done with my mountain of laundry! I sorted and went through to get all the fall clothes I had saved, and gotten as hand me downs...  So it was a TON of laundry!  :)  It's almost done!  :)

Back to the comment from the lady.  It didn't bother me, I know I'm going to get comments, I mean, we've gotten looks.  But I pray that if I do comment, that it's out of love, and what God would want me to say.  He has blessed me so much! More than I deserve!  And right now, I do feel like they've been with us since birth, as in, I gave birth to them.  My kids have all adjusted so well and I couldn't be more proud of them!  They are all growing up and am so very proud! I know it's odd and not "normal" to have 6 kids and I'm sure it looks crazy since there are SIX of them between the ages of 3-10!  So it may seem like a lot...  But as people have told me, God has blessed us, and He has! I'm excited He chose each and every one of these kids to be MINE!  No matter what looks and comments I get from others, they are mine. He chose them to be mine. He trusts me (and Curt) to raise them like He wants us to.  To love Him and follow Him. It's my prayer!  My prayer that Ella and Keegan will learn who God is and follow Him with all their hearts!  That they will realize and understand that even though their birth parents couldn't raise them, and chose to give them for whatever reason, that God has a plan for their life, to be a Cecil and live with us, forever.  We are their forever family! :D

I know there will be bad days, but i have no doubt in my mind that my God will help me.  He will give me the strength, guidance and direction that I need to raise these guys!  Whether I HS Ella and Keegan, or have to put them in a school, He will direct me, help me... I pray that anyone can see HIS light shine through me, b/c if it weren't for God and His love, I don't know where I'd be!

Here's to almost a week of having them home, home with their forever family!  <3 br="br">

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