Wednesday, August 1, 2012


It's been a crazy few weeks!

I posted that Kotah broke her elbow...  she broke the bone that typically isn't broken!  Way to go my dear!!!  :)  If you are gonna break a bone, go ahead and break the one that isn't normally broken!  :) (I'm saying it in a teasing tone!  I'm so grateful and thankful she is ok!!!  :))

We went in for a check up (x-rays) to make sure bone was healing the way it is supposed to.  Got to see a better pic this time and he showed where it's broken...  Yep, it def is!  :\  BUT the good news, this bone has more fat on it than the other bones, the fat leaves you after a certain age, so for kids, it's a good bone to break b/c it heals very nicely!  YEAH!  :)  He said  I don't see us needing to do surgery.  Come back next week, not until AFTER Tuesday, b/c I can't take it off sooner, sorry sweetie, but we will take it off, do more x-rays and go from there...

Kotah heard the first time we were there, last week, that she would need the cast for atleast 3 weeks, so she is like, are they going to have to put another cast on?  Will my bone be ok, will it be healed?  What are they going to do mom?  can I keep the cast for a bit after they take it off?

Oh my daughter!!!  ;)  I said, he's the doc, he knows what he is doing sweetie!  We will find out more when we go.  So her next appointment is Friday, Aug 10th!  So for her birthday she prob won't have a cast!  :D 

I signed up to be a secret pal with the adoption FB group we are apart of...  I got a package today!  LOVE everything in it!  :)

I posted a pic on the group wall and then on my page as well... A friend asked when we were going to get XJ and E and i said Sept...  Then I hit enter to send the comment, then I realized that it's basically Aug 1 now...  Which means Sept is ONLY A MONTH away!!!!!!  REALLY!!!! 

Then I had another friend ask if we really were going to travel then, and I said, yes, that's what they told us, sometime in Sept, the beginning to middle!!!  Can you believe it???

There is light at the end of the tunnel!  It seriously just HIT me.  I mean, yeah you say you are traveling then, and we don't have the official date yet, but that's when it looks like it would be...  They told us that a few times....  But it REALLY SUNK in....!!!!!!!!!!!  My babies are coming home and SOON!!  Soon they will have their forever family!!!  <3

I can't believe it!  God has blessed us so much!  Yes, we still need money, LOTS of it, but I'm not worried!  I know that God has a plan and it's perfect!  it most likely will be last minute too, but i trust Him!  He has brought us through this whole process!  I thank Him for His peace and calmness that He's given me through all this!

We should have a date within the next 2 weeks...  I think...  ;)  God has it all under control and for that I am so very thankful!!

I'm going to enclose a link to a friend of mine who is adopting a deaf boy as well...  He is 9...
They are selling Goat Milk Soap.  It's $6 for a bar and they get $3 for every bar sold... If you don't want it for yourself, you can have it sent to me!  ;)  Teasing...  They would make a GREAT gift, just for a thank you to someone, or a teacher, or just becasue...  Buy some soap and help this family bring their lil man home!!!

Thank you for your prayers!  Truly appreciate them!  And they are felt!  Can't believe this journey to bring XJ and E is almost done!!!  :)

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