Thursday, August 9, 2012


We got "THE" call on Monday, August 6th!!!  Curt called me right after I had sent him a text and I was chatting away, b/c the kids and I were ready to leave Valley Forge National Park.  I figured he was calling about my text b/c he had time...  Haha, not quite...

He said well, I had to cut Ryan off.  I said oh yeah, why's that?  he said Aimee called, and at first I thought of the Amy at his HO...  Then I was like, wait no, he wouldn't cut a phone call off for that..  Oh, AIMEE from AWAA!!!!!  So then I was like ok what's up?  Not even FULLY thinking WHY he was calling....

He said we have a leave date as long as the consulate has an opening!  It will be Aug 30th!

I said huh? what?  Aug when?  This August? AHH!!!  REALLY????

He said august 30th.

I turned around and told the kids b/c we were sitting in parking lot finishing our lunch so we could leave...  And as soon as i said, we are leaving August 30th to go get Ella and Keegan....  There was a 2 second silence and then all of a sudden my ears fulled with screams and shouts of yay!!! I was like whoa guys, enclosed space and you are screaming!!!  ;)It was AWESOME to hear and see their reaction, something we've all been waiting for and it's FINALLY here!!!!  :)

We still needed an email stating yes that it was official.  When we got the call from AWAA, it was 1 am in China...

We got the email before noon the next day, which was Tuesday.  We will be leaving for China on Aug 30th, which is a Thursday and getting home Sept 20th...  We have our consulate appointment on the 18th.  We will be there for 3 weeks!  Trying to finalize all the dates of who is coming when and all that...  :)

All day Tuesday, I was almost like, oh, I need to breathe!  It's FINALLY here, they are going to be home in a little over a month!  AHHH!!!!!  Then  I was thinking, oh, I've got so much to do, finish this room, and then that, and then the thank yous which I'm so far behind, I APOLOGIZE....  I feel HORRIBLE.... Forgive me!

We still need about $5,000 yet in CASH...  But I'm not worried about it, I know God will provide!  I'm trusting Him to the end! He's has taken care of us and brought us this far, He is NOT going to leave us hanging!

I went and bought some tissues packs, shampoo and conditioner and 2 plastic containers for snacks yesterday... (for Ella and Keegan)  I will slowly buy a few things here and there that we will need to take.

I can now wash the little bit of clothes I have to take and will look and see what I need to get yet.  I know I need more for Keegan, and I may need a few things for Ella yet.  I have to look and see what the weather will be like...  I'm assuming it will still be warm...  :)  I don't have any shoes for them, but figured I'd just buy them there since I have NO clue on the sizes of their feet!  :)

AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's happening!!!  I'm bringing my kids HOME!!!!!!!!!!  :)

I was texting a friend yesterday and I said sorry to blow up your phone, I'm a tad excited!  She said it was ok and perfectly fine to be "wigged out"!!!!  ;)

I can't even put into words how I'm feeling...  It's been a roller coaster of a ride, which I'm thankful for!  It hasn't always been easy, but it's been good b/c my God has been there every step of the way!  He has placed adoption on our hearts and He hasn't left us!  Feeling so much, over joyed, excited, nervous, full of love and peace....

Thank you for your love and support!  Truly feel it and it means more than I can say!!! Please keep us all in your prayers as the travel date gets closer...  Satan will attack...

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Bill and Toni said...

Sooooooooooooo excited that your travel date is finally here!!!!!!!!! Godspeed on your journey - we'll be watching and praying all the way thru!!! He's SO good!!!!
What can we help with on the homefront? Any last minute details we can help iron out? Or any kid help while you're gone? I know I'm late in offering, but...
With love and prayer,
The Benton Bunch