Saturday, July 21, 2012


Wow!  CrAzY week!  More like 2 weeks!

First, we got confirmation that they received the A5, and getting sent to the CCCWA and we wait a bit longer for a date...  BUT it's getting CLOSER!!!!!!!!!!!  :)  One more step and YAY!!!  i can NOT wait!  :) The typical wait for the TA is 2-4 weeks, but I dunno....  It could be even a week and we know a date...  It's all in Gods hands and for that I'm every so grateful!  :)

This week has seriously been eventful!  I don't think I've posted ANYTHING since Curt and Kotah have been in Mexico!  :\

They got there last Saturday, the 14th.  Went to bed that night and somehow Kotah managed to fall out of top bunk...  I'm still not sure of the full story and EXACTLY what happened, but regardless, she fell. They weren't sure if she broke it, but they got her calmed down and she went back to sleep. They took her to hospital and after x-rays confirmed she did break it.  The doc there said he would put a pin in, but Curt was saying there were down there til Friday on a missions trip.  Doc said he would soft cast it and she would be ok.  He gave her some pills to help with the pain, and I still don't know what they are!  LOL

So, on Monday I was able to finally find a ortho doc that our insurance would take! I looked online and could NOT find one within 200 miles!  I am thinking, seriously there has to be SOMETHING!!  So someone mentioned calling the insurance company...  I was just gonna call docs!  LOL 

I called and asked for a pedi ortho and the closest was New Freedom, PA, 93 miles away....  I said um, is there one closer, a regular ortho?  She found one in La Plata and it's a sports one, so it has to be good, right?  Plus I got lots of recommendations for this place, so that's good.  If for some reason she needs surgery, I will prob drive out to PA to have a second opinion, but I am not worried about that.  :)

I can't wait for them to get home and hear all about it, from the both of them!  Through the eyes and heart of a child and an adult!  :)

Have a little hiccup getting home...  Curt called bus company to confirm that yes they were going to be there at 11:00pm TONIGHT... they got there and no bus, so he called again and said they weren't expecting them til tomorrow...  So it's another 30 minute to hour wait til they can leave... I feel bad for them!  :\ Praying they show up soon!  :)

It's been one attack after another here for me.  I REFUSE to let Satan win and wish I was keeping up better with blogging this week, but just didn't have time!

I also decided to move our bedroom back to where it was and then our old room is now the school/game/guest room...  Still not done on that, but I got alot done!  Along with getting a bed for Kotah!  :)

A friend had a bed and asked if we need it, she has a dresser too, but there was no way I could get that as well!  :\  I prob shouldn't have done the bed, but oh well..  It's done!  I just wanted to surprise Kotah!  :)  I had a friend go with me and she helped me CRAM the mattress and get it out of house... She offered to help get it out of van, but I wasn't ready and didn't really have a spot for it, so I said I would get it...  She was hesitant but said ok...  So a few hours later I made a spot downstairs and got it out!  Which I am sure to be a fly flying around was TOOOO FUNNY!!!  I got it with Skylar holding the door open and then Gavin pushed a bit from the back, but not too much... ;)  Got it in and decided to go ahead and get it upstairs after kids went to bed...  I posted pics on FB of that REALLY SMALL feat....  :)  I got it, so we will leave it at that!  :)

But this week, Satan attacks were hard and he knows where to hit...  I wanna kick him back to where he came from.  Why doesn't he learn that he will not get me?  Yes, I lost it Sunday, emotionally...  But I didn't stay down!  I KNEW Dakotah was ok and I was peace with everything, but it was very emotional! Just SOOOO much going on!  But you know, God has it all. He has a plan and I can't tell you how grateful I am that He has it all planned out and knows what is best for me and my family! :)

Not that I am happy Kotah broke her elbow, but I know that God will bless her by this!  Sometimes we need to get hurt in order to learn something that He is trying to teach us, or show us.  Sometimes we need to be woken up to what He is showing us!

Battle after battle, bring it Satan, you may "think" you are getting me and going to crush me, but I got news for you lil itty bitty man, I'm gonna CRUSH you b/c I  am stronger than you think I am, and I have GOD FIGHTING with and for me!  SO TAKE THAT!!!!!!!  (fist pumps air!)

I was also thinking, something is going to happen with all these attacks!  And sure enough, we got confirmation about our A5!  So really, ONE STEP CLOSER to bringing my lil man XJ and lil girl Ella home!!!!  :)

Through it all, my God gets ALL my praise!  It doesn't matter what comes my way, I'm still going to find joy in it and praise God! Yes, i may get emotional and cry, but that doesn't mean I am not thankful and praising God!  I'm human, I have emotions and it's been a loooong 2 weeks!  We have all next week home, and then he flies out to Michigan for DM Conference for a week!  :) And then hopefully shortly after he gets back, we leave to go get E and XJ!!!!!!!!!!!!  :  WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!  :)

Oh and for those of you that don't know, Keegan is XJ...  We found out they call him that, so we will prob too, but his birth cert says Keegan...  ;)

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