Tuesday, July 17, 2012


We found a wonderful FB adoptive parents page and am loving getting know others in the same process and hopefully meet the ones that will be out there the same times as us!

The support and questions and comments, just really help!  Even though I know I'm not alone in the same area, it's just nice reading and seeing others post and really know that I'm not alone..

Anyways...  Listen to this video...  From a new friend that is waiting to go get her little Jack.  The video explains it all...  They want to move him to another orphanage b/c of his age even though his forever family will be traveling soon. They are also asking if you would be willing to send an email to the senate if you would do that as well.  Let me know if you want to send an email and I'll give you the info, just comment below or fb or email me and I'll get the info.  It only takes a few seconds to send the email!

Ok, here's the video...  Just watch it... May need a tissue as well...

If you can't help financially, please pray for them!  Prayer is so very powerful and THE most important thing they need right now!!!


I think you have to copy and paste the link b/c my blogger is messing up right now...  ;)

Thanks for watching and for praying for this family!!! <3

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