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School Stuff

I have been doing some research on free curriculum for the kids this year!  I have also been asked by a few people what I am using and if I would be wiling to share what I found!  So, instead of telling each and everyone separately, I thought I'd do it this way!  Plus, it's a way I go back and reference as well!  :)

First I am going to list different apps for you iPhone or iPad..  I am listing ones that I have gotten for free, I'm all about free!  There are 2 different apps that are .99 and I will get those.  I have the "lite" version, and have heard that it's REALLY worth the full .99!  So, I will be downloading those soon!  :)

Oh, there is an app for the iPad that is Khan Academy.  I haven't fully used it, I've used the math part so far.  But I am told the Science subjects will get into evolution a bit and every now and then you will hear "millions of years ago"...  But it's a really cool link to have for computer and your iPad if you have one.

Kindle also has a computer download.. I'll post another blog of free books.. I've also got a lot of classics through the Target Dollar bin, infact they have a few right now! :)

*Stack the States (lite if free.. full is 99 cents!)
*Stack the Countries (same as the states...)
*SkyView Free
*Spin art is just a fun thing to have and play around with! :)
*iBird Lite (not sure how much full verison is, but the lite is good enough for us for now)
*McGraw Hill math games... keep watching for them, I got them last year for free...
*Road Rally (It's Mickey Mouse, which I got for my 3 yr olds.. Only have one 3 yr old right now... But it is interactive... Doesn't get to play too much, but it is fun!)
*Playful Minds
*Preschool Touch
*FlashToPass Free (math flash cards, you pick what kind you want...)
*Fry Words
*Math Ninja
*How Stuff Works
*Brain Quest
*Coins (counting coins)
*Read Me Stories
*PBS Kids
*Factor Samurai
*Human Anatomy (just look at before you show your kids, like look at it all see if you want to show your kids it... Catch my drift..? ;))
*Adding Apples
*Little Speller for Kids
*ABC Tracing (which my 3 yr old LOVES and is REALLY good at it!)
*iTunes U
*ABC Touch

A huge part of these I got from my friend, but I found alot too... Again, they may not be what you want... But I will incorporate them into our school.

Here are some apps if you are in the Washington, DC area... Both for iPhone and iPad...

*Antietam 150
*Fredericksburg Civil War
*Malvern Hill Civil War
*Chancellorsville Civil War
*National Mall (NPS)*Bull Run Civil War
*Cedar Creek Civil War

Here's the link for the computer:

Here's another website that has free curriculum. If you are familiar with the Charlotte Mason Series, this goes that way more... I have NOT had time to check this one out....

Here's Crayolas site... Learn some art stuff on here! :)

plus there are free printables to color then! :)

Bible Coloring pages... Mainly for my smaller ones.. I used some of these for my Sunday School class when I taught... I was planning on using these for the younger ones to color, but use that Bible Story and pick a verse from that story for my kids to memorize... So there's my Bible... :)

Fun games for when they get a certain amount of school work done at a certain time, or if they are good...

Who doesn't love Veggie Tales? ;)

How I am JUST finding out about this is so unknown to me!!!! My husband knew about this and has used it for when he travels to other countries....

We will be using this and study China and Mexico first... China, b/c that's where Keegan and Ella are from AND Mexico b/c Kotah is there now on her first missions trip, but b/c Mexico is dear to all of our hearts since we sponser a little girl from Back2Back...

This looks AWESOME!! If your kids like history, this has maps of the wars, etc... I've looked at this a bit and will def be using this link for our history! :)

Just check it out, it has lots of good info! :)

Here's stuff for nutrition... I've used a little bit of this last year and will use it again this year. My kids are in the kitchen with me helping me cook and we are talking about healthy foods, etc... So I consider that part of our health class.

We write down some things and put it in our portfolio for our principal of the county to look at...

Here's another health website, again, I have NOT had time to look at this one, so it may not even be all that great! :)

And one more health! Another one I used a little bit last year and will use it again...

Here's for the foreign language...I've also gotten a few free cds and workbooks from my friend on Spanish... I also have a cd that has a few different languages on it.. Including Mandarin! :)

This one is a lapbook for fun... Little House lapbook with a few recipes to try...

One more Little House:

Another one that looked pretty good for the younger kids...

Math work sheets!!! :)

Handwriting:Love this idea that this blog has....

Will make a couple different cans for certain ages... My oldest will have longer ones while the younger kids will have shorter ones.
Also want to do Bible Verses and they will memorize them...

I hope this copies over, it's a PDF... This looks AWESOME! HISTORY!!!

These are all the links I have come across so far... I know there is more out there esp for spelling, which I will be using. I haven't had time to get it all printed and put it together either. It may look like a lot, and I guess it is... But hey, if I can help someone else, I want to pass it on! :)Let me know if you have any favorites that you like to use or are free that I didn't list! I'd love to hear what you use! :)

This may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but take a look at a few and go from there..  It may not even be what you want...  But I'm going to make this work for us...  I'll still need a few other subjects that I'll probably have to buy, looking at a few options for grammar and language...

Seriously add the to list if you have must have apps or free websites!  I know there are more out there, but this is as far as I got before I had to stop!!  I still need to print a BUNCH of stuff out...  ;)

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