Monday, July 9, 2012

Handmade Jewelry

I'm trying to sell some hand stamped jewelry to raise a few extra bucks to bring Keegan and Ella home!! :)
I'll be adding more to this list but this is as far as I've gotten! ;)
Also, if you want a different word or name or Bible verse, I can do that, as long as it will fit. ;)
I already have a few special orders of different verses! :)
All money goes right into our adoption fund!
I'm also getting different colors of bands so I'll also be posting those too! I do have white and black right now.

Thanks so much for your support!! What a great conversation piece and pass this on to your friends and family! :) makes a great gift, it's cheap and it's helping a GREAT cause!!!

Ok, so my computer and blogger is being goofy, here are the prices, top to bottom
(Each piece may look a bit different from this picture since each one is hand stamped...)

Hope earring and necklace with red beads $30
James 1:27 with multicolor beads $20 (bead color may vary a bit...)
Faith, James 1:27 ( a little bit bigger washer), love, wo ai ni - i love you-  bracelet, or any word or name you want..  $10  Right now I only have black and white bands, but that will change soon...  ;)
Hope earrings $10
New necklace added... $30 I love you to the moon and back mom and an angel wing

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